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Zombie Infection

Title: Zombie Infection
Director: Alexander Sharoglazov
Writer(s): Alexander Sharoglazov
Cast: Ted Vernon, Richard Vidan, Rod Schweitzer, Alexander Malus, Andreas Schnaas Special Guest appearance by Claudio Fragasso
Genre(s): Russian | Zombies | Gore
Release Date: 2011 / 2015

Zombie Infection  was reviewed by my sick self well over a year ago. Due to exciting news from Legless Corpse I felt like updating my review to mirror this.


10959927_871899326196174_646701892581167910_oZombie Infection is the feature length debut of Alex Wesley, who is actually Russian filmmaker Alexander Sharoglazov of Omsk, Russia. I forget exactly how I came across this but I dug the trailer and decided to share my feelings with Alex. Finding him on Face Book I shared the thread I had created in celebration of all things zombie gory goodness. He was glad I dug his vision so shared with me the link to it on Youtube. Sadly, at the time, there was no release anywhere at all. Alex even asked me if I knew anyone. He just wanted to get his achievement out there for fans to explore and enjoy. 


Alex had assistance from two well-known horror figures in the making of his gory zombie experience! Ted Vernon from Scarecrows (1988) and Andreas Schnaas, the German Underground gore pioneer. Both shot scenes in their respective countries.


Zombie Infection is Alex’s filmic vision though and has a certain signature look and feel about it!


store-600x576In the States a soldier is hired to go to Russia, obtain two canisters of a deadly toxin and release it into the water system of a nearby town. Along with this he is told an old brother-in-arms is in the area visiting his brother and to kill him if the chance arises!

Chemicals are released, in turn this reaches the water of the township and naturally people drink from this. In short order people devolve into flesh eating zombies! Our target of opportunity and his brother take their girlfriends down into the basement where he leaves them to find transport to escape this plague of the flesh eating menace!

Much insanity erupts as the zombie horde starts killing the uninfected to feast off their flesh!

Who will survive and who will be dinner for the undead?


1149074_699534793432629_597737603_nGore, Sickness, Insanity, Filth and Depravity arrive in the form of the transformation of the unfortunate townspeople that turn into zombies. Then what happens afterwards once they start feasting on the flesh of the living. A German Splatter influence erupts onto the screen. I suppose this is only naturally considering one of the God Fathers of this scene is involved!


A certain texture permeates through the whole structure of Zombie Infection. Invocation of this nightmare visual throughout that speaks to an original style that Alex puts into use. Harshness of the Russian township and countryside helps to create this feel of desolation. Having experienced a form of this Eastern Bloc atmosphere on my travels in Mongolia I recognised it here. As a communist country Mongolia was heavily influenced by the old USSR. 


532071_643386435714132_1168607651_n_zps90759a34Our zombies here are original looking, how they are formed dictates this!


Chemicals have fucked up what was human and transmorphs them into shambling mounds of flesh seeking out the living to devour! As in George Romero’s zombie mythos these zombies have a basic understanding of tools usage, but they are disarmed easily and the tools used against them in bloody fashion! Especially with Ted Vernon‘s character, he goes bat-shit crazy with them! 


poster_newStore-600x576Zombie Infection is a short feature that has a lot inside to experience. We get zombies, blood, gore, murder and mayhem! All done with a certain style all of its own! I dug it and appreciated it’s originality. Certainly one for fans of German Gore, this viewer enjoyed the experience immensely!


Zombie Infection existed on EHC Reviews & Interviews around a year ago. Alexander Sharoglazov was searching high and low for someone to release his zombie gore vision. All he wanted was for like minded people to experience his labour of love and enjoy it. Thankfully the awesome guys over at Legless Corpse have jumped in and released a limited edition of 100 copies. It can be purchased off their site here You can show support to this Russian filmmakers gory horror offerings by visiting his Shan’s Horror Films page

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