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The Sideling Hill

Murder Made Easy

Murder Made Easy



What you sow, you shall reap...


Wretched Cunt

“Stupid fucking Wretched Cunt!”

Not so Happy Halloween…

Even the pumpkin has been dumped on the staircase with no one bothering to curve it.

Ramen Noodles out of paper plates.

Speed…on the table. Card out, dish out the lines and take that hit.

An abusive partner who forces his wife to partake in the drugs. Abuse marks on her arm says ‘this is life…wretched cunt!’.

Two fiends arrive, only seen by her. It is time for the sacrifice! Standing unseen by the husband they observe on as…

This wretched bitch has her…Revenge.

Knife to the belly

Blackout !

Awaken to revenge for years{?} of abuse!

“Do what daddy says let me go!”

She doesn’t do what daddy wants, she gives him a slow lingering death via torture instead!

Pulling out his nails with her teeth and spitting them out. His ntestines are hanging from a wound out of his stomach. She strokes it like he used to make her stroke his cock.

Unzips his jeans. Using her mouth she works on its head before…biting it off!

Days of abuse and being controlled are over!

Trick or Treat motherfucker!

Sitting with her demonic observers she has destroyed her hellish tormentor

Pumpkin has a blood smudged smile and eyes now.

00:14:12 does what it is meant to do…

Wretched Cunt will be the opening segment of a trilogy of short films.

Enough time to open up…with the meat of the issue, an abusive relationship…revenge…then a big fuck you to cap it off.

Nicely structured, it covers everything within the limited time frame of a short film format.

Wretched Cunt has some intestines, blood and finger nails bitten off. Would have liked more blood BUT always kept in mind what was stated about the surgical scenes in Bloodshock (2015)…amount of blood in real surgery is surprisingly lacking.

So my wanting of the scarlet is more out of artistic tastes.

Halloween’s Demonic visitors are dressed in black and wear demon masks and some make-up. Works perfectly fine, dug it. You REALLY know their identity when the guy doesn’t see them by his side on the lounge.

Emir, Krystal and the gang use the magic of imagination to create what is needed without the lazy use of dollars. Effects are effective to create the brutal imagery of a woman who has finally had enough of being the Wretched Cunt of the real cunt who gets what he deserves.

One million browny points for an awesome title with Wretched Cunt! My brain raked with what I was getting myself in for. See, didn’t know this short existed before this morning when popping into fartbook to check for any PMs. Emir asked and after finding out a technical issue…aka pos Mac audio pos-ness…was gone for now I went fuck yeah! Wretched Cunt…honestly, anyone into Extreme Horror Cinema would have gone fuck I need to find out…

End credits has Luciferian Insectus‘ Blood Lust blasting away in a fitting finale to one woman’s bloodlust for revenge!




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