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Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness

Title: Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness
Director: Felipe Eluti
Writer(s): Felipe Eluti
Cast: Felip Eluti, José Manuel García, Carolina Salles, Valentina Varela
Genre(s): Extreme
Release Date: 2015



“It was everything I thought it would be and more. The gore, the madness and insanity visually pleasing.”

wooden heart  

“Whoa! This one is BRUTAL! Damn! Move over A Serbian Film. There’s a new unapologetic modern extreme classic on the scene!”

Mario Dominick  

“a title which aptly delivers exactly what it says on the tin…madness!!! “


I just felt like sharing these awesome quotes as they mirrored my own experience! But alas, I am getting way ahead of myself!

Years passed and I prayed Visceral would not be one of those films we would never see due to lack of distribution. With the teaser floating around the web, stills and other tidbits that brought forth high expectations and anticipation of this fan of extreme horror cinema!


11200979_859062554186682_3489706957401479235_oA lot of solid gore and extreme films come from South America that deserve to be seen. In this case Felip Eluti, his Rancho Estudio, and naturally Visceral, helm from Chile.


Unsure why, but Visceral sat in my library for quite a while. Though it was a film I had been waiting for what seemed like forever I guess I needed that right moment to finally have my experience.


Alas, when the time came I was not disappointed. Felip Eluti‘s experience in madness and depravity lived up to the promise I had painted in my head!


11180618_859063230853281_4312626196440465395_nSplat’s synopsis of…


Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness


He could have been a contender but a boxer loses the most important bout of his life.


Sanity slips away and a dark mistress rules his mind and body.


A lust for domination and torment flows through a fractured mind.


10917021_859063540853250_3445476615554291443_oFelip Eluti’s debut Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness is a voyage into one man’s insanity! A story told in a fragmented, non-linear manner mirroring our lead character’s fractured mental state. 


Naturally, a film considered extreme it houses within it’s time frame gore, sickness, filth, insanity and depravity!


Human punching bags, corpse fucking while the body is still fresh, a woman get tied to the rotting partner face to face, jerking off to a hanging corpse with its intestines hanging out along with a myriad of other visions of the extreme! Victims are bound bondage style, play things for his whims before he does away with them. 


11180618_859062820853322_1645598313628567183_nOur insane boxer has a visitation from hell. His bare chested tormentor ties him down and beats him up, telling him Hell has plenty more space to fill with souls. Thus go forth and reap! But given the sub title of Between the Ropes of Madness this she-devil is a figment of his warped mental state. Clues are given in why he is like this. Badly beaten by the boxing bout that could have been everything for his career he has slipped into this insanity. But then when he talks to his mother this could have just been the catalyst. We find out he had always had this violent streak since as a child. Along with this his mother doesn’t want anything to do with him. 


I loved the whole look and feel of Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness, its dark vibe of madness! How Felip structured his film was perfect to me. Even to the South American death metal score played at the appropriate moment in this club then again in the end credits just felt perfect. All of the sadistic debauchery and moments of gore and blood shed looked great to me. Nothing negative comes to mind in all honestly! 


EIX00CO-1So a long wait of a number of years is over! Felip Eluti’s arrival on the Underground extreme horror scene was here! Thankfully is debut held up to its promise! A journey into the mind of a madman and his exploits. An experience that holds a lot of re-watchability for this viewer, and, as seen in the above quotes, from other fans of extreme horror cinema as well. 


On March 24th Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness finally got the release it deserved through Stephen Biro and his Unearthed Films Along with here it is also available on Amazon Prime as well. I fully recommend picking up a copy today!


Cannot wait to see what experiences Felip will have in store for us in the future. Keep your eyes out, I know I will! 






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