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Us Sinners

Title: Us Sinners
Director: George Snow
Writer(s): George Snow
Cast: Brandon Schraml, Leslie E Hughes, Brenda Cooney, Glenys Javier, Christine Mosely, Jason Shoulders
Genre(s): Serial Killer
Release Date: 2007


Us Sinners (2007) Extreme Horror Cinema

Tim Connelly is a timid guy!

Living with his mother he works as a foreman for a cleaning company that services an office for a cosmetics company…well that was my impression anyway.

Everything isn’t quite okedoke though!

Mother is an aggressive, abusive religious zealot who sees demons in everything not to her vision of what people should be like. She both physically and verbally abuses her son. This includes forcing him to drink a laxative to ‘clean out the demons’.

Work is not much better!

Butt of jokes and snide comments. Though the foremen he is treated with no disrespect and is the bottom of the wrung in the work environment. Even the two office workers are equally rude and disrespectful towards him.

But little does anyone suspect Tim has a dark side! A side where where he takes out the torments of constant day to day abuse.

For he is The Polite Psycho.

Us Sinners (2007) Extreme Horror Cinema

Killing the town’s whores and sending the local newspaper letters of his exploits, inner thoughts and what have you and signing them with his initials TC. His opus operandi is usually death by asphyxiation or stabbing his victim to death. He also plays rape and torture into the scenario too!

During the day are fantasies of sex and death then at night Tim’s fantasies are played out for real. Just sometimes it is death and sex!

Soon everything comes to a head!

Meeting the latest edition to the cleaning crew she seems nice. She is even up for a date. But things don’t go quite right. First is an encounter with mother, who spills out all of her visions of what people should be and that though who don’t tow the line are filled with demons. Then at the end of the night she just leaves Tim’s car without any grace or care. How everything seems different but stays the same!

At work the office ladies start speculating that Tim is The Polite Psycho, after all they share the same initials. Plus there is a motivating force to report him to the detectives heading the case, a $25 000.00 reward.

Like a snowball rolling downhill everything builds up to a bloody crescendo as Tim takes retribution on his tormentors.

Us Sinners (2007) Extreme Horror Cinema

US SINNERS is a low budget serial killer experience from the mind of filmmaker George Snow.

Using a visual style of applying different colour hues plus black and white to give certain perceptions to different events throughout US SINNERS. I dug this, just maybe how Tim perceives different aspects of his day to day existence. I could feel for his character; having to deal with an abusive, nasty vindictive mother then having to go to work and deal with the ridicule of his co-workers and office ladies.

His one shining light is this boy who he sees himself in and tries to help.

Killings are doled out competently. Tim’s sexual deviancy plays out when he can only cum through the death of his victim. Be it while he is getting his cock sucked or fucking…raping. His modus operandi for the most part is asphyxiation as mentioned in the above so there isn’t a total gorefest. BUT, he does use a knife from time to time and the effects look good. Then there is the doll face in one victim’s stomach/chest he digs out and that looks great! Why he sees it, because he put it up there!

Tim gags his victims sometimes before dealing out his inner depravity and in one case the bloody used tampon he finds in the bin comes to use!

Stabbing Ms Tampon in the head Tim sits down starts drinking from a straw when he sees an opportunity to try something new. He pokes the straw into the wound and drinks the brain fluids!

Tim’s dark id is a depraved sickfuck!

Us Sinners (2007) Extreme Horror Cinema

Everything comes to a conclusion thus US SINNERS has it’s notorious one!

Reading other people’s commentaries on the film I got the feeling it had a lot of love/hate relationship.

For myself it seemed fitting, it made perfect sense!

Dare I say in both parts! I did see a certain aspect coming but was thrown at first. As promised to George I won’t go any farther. You need to experience US SINNERS for yourself to find out. All I will state is the conclusion is nasty!

US SINNERS hit certain triggers that set off the storyline and where it goes nicely. Constant abuse and the natural trail it leads down to. Who doesn’t have dark fantasies of what they would like to do to the tormentors in life? Just that we for the most part don’t play it for real like Tim does. There is a nice build up to the storyline. people come in that for some of us a true to life. You know, arseholes who play on people’s perceived weakness without fear of retribution. Killings were more than suitable. Felt they were great, be it the asphyxiations to later when Tim doles out the knife. His sexual depravity shines through too from the get go. Of course there is the notorious ending and for me it felt fine and well…I will leave it at that!

US SINNERS was sent to me for free from George Snow. All he asked was for me to review it and be objective with my experience. If I like it, great! If not, state why.

Lucky for me I have no regrets following my interest that lead down the road to an opportunity to have another worthwhile Underground film in my library of gore sickness filth insanity depravity of Extreme Horror Cinema.

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