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Under The Rainbow

Title: Under The Rainbow
Director: Luke Ramer
Writer(s): Luke Ramer
Cast: Rachael Labadie, Gerald Prince, Katie Smith, Brian DiBonaventure, Norman Provost, Amber Getz, Sam Elmer
Genre(s): Horror Fantasy
Release Date: 2015

1096975_10153340188891756_522311280058168065_oLuke Ramer is the founder and owner of West 2nd Productions and is based out off Macungie, Pennsylvania. Under the Rainbow is technically his debut feature though his other feature last years The White Faced Man was released first. In fact Under the Rainbow was filmed five years earlier and has been in a state of post-production since. In that time The White Faced Man was shot and released. Why, I guess it was just one of those things. Under the Rainbow finally got it’s release this week, which I shall share some details at the end of this review.

I have known Luke since mid 2013 when he took the time to join up here at Extreme Horror Cinema. With an interest in some great films my ears more than perked up when he shared his upcoming movie projects with us. His trailers for The White Faced Man and Under the Rainbow drew me in wanting more!

Not so long ago my fellow film reviewer Pete Elliot shared his experience with us on Under the Rainbow and it drew me in more. Coincidentally Luke approached me the same day and asked if I would like a screener of his film along with The White Faced Man. Naturally I stated fuck, yes please!

So here we go…

Under the Rainbow

11167643_10205720381402351_1382404759_oVivi is a young woman trying to cope with reality through escape. Be it through self-harm of cutting and doing drugs.

With her best friend, and lover, they go to buy drugs. When they arrive at the meeting place it turns out that once again  Vivi has no money. Deciding to rip the dealer off her friend goes to talk to the guy while Vivi is to try and steal the drugs. Things almost take a turn for the worst for her friend. Able to knock the dealer out Vivi rescues her.

Having had enough, Vivi’s friend leaves her and drives off. Alone in the world she takes a walk along the train tracks to contemplate. Sitting alone, she is approached by a mysterious stranger. He offers her an escape from this reality. Through the injection of this drug he calls Rainbow.

So under the rainbow Vivi awakens to a forested realm.

Where is she, how did she get here and is there a way out?

11183034_10205720381322349_58759319_oMany characters came into play here to either assist her on this quest. Some good and some quite the opposite!

A couple, that had entered this realm through suicide, assist Vivi on her quest. Their death ties in with her as they belonged to a cult run by the same guy who injected Vivi with Rainbow. They had ingested the cool-aide to just see him inject himself with a mysterious elixir. Knowing of a person who can assist this search for answers they help her out.

Meanwhile the Queen learns of Vivi’s existence through her henchman, the Jester. Charging him with her capture he uses violent methods to gain her imprisonment, anyone he feels can assist on the mission are tortured and killed in nasty fashion!

Mysteries and lessons are learned on this journey of discovery!

Under the Rainbow is a dark fairy tale. Of being transported to a far away land. A quest of journey of discovery and the changes these make.


11185776_10205720382162370_675897521_nThere is some nice violent action to behold within the experience that is Under the Rainbow. But this tale is not about the extreme of bloody gore and intestines flying everywhere! So some of the death and bloody mayhem remains unseen, but for this tale it is more than fine. There is no feel of cop-out or whatever.

I didn’t feel disjointed from the storyline when it came to the acting. For low budget filmmaking the actors did a great job. Experienced Under the Rainbow the night it arrived, it was a midnight matinee. Though I was tired I needed to experience a film and this was my choice. I suspect that if this was disjointed or what have you I would have been in the land of Nod in no time. So this is a testimony of the storyline, characters, and the journey that is made pulling me in.

Under the Rainbow is low budget filmmaking done right. Luke Ramer creates his story with what he has available within the confines of a minimal funds and does it well. There is a smidgen of bumps in this journey, but these did not hamper this journey to the least with this viewer.  Luke’s filmic experience held me to the end. Though not as extreme as other films here at Extreme Horror Cinema it doesn’t need to be. Under the Rainbow holds it own!

20150428_140645-1My review coincides with the release of the Under the Rainbow 2 Disc Collector’s Set; which is signed, numbered, limited to 50! Luke has done a awesome job putting this together and it looks great! There is more than a host of extras included. For those interested please contact Luke on the Under the Rainbow Face Book page for more information. Along with this, if you leave your email address, he will put you on a mailing list to keep up to date with the happenings with his West 2nd Productions.

From the experience of Under the Rainbow, Luke Ramer is an up and coming filmmaker to keep an eye on! Creating interesting tales I am sure the future holds a lot of promising experiences for us lovers of the Underground / Indie scene!

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