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Uncut Police

Title: Uncut Police
Director: Waldemar Feifer
Writer(s): Waldemar Feifer & Jan Kassel
Cast: Jan Kassel, Sebastian Pfaff, Johanna Claar, Jasmin Redelberger, Waldemar Feifer, Vadim Koslow, Jakob Herdt...
Genre(s): Gore, Action, Satire
Release Date: 2014

Uncut Police (2014) Extreme Horror Cinema

After a near apocalyptic event wiped out most of the young and weak there is a new scourge upon the world…

…censorship terrorists!

Their reasoning, to protect the fragile minds of the young and weak.

Alas the government have filmed an elite force to deal with this scourge on the right of filmmakers and artist to show their visions!

Uncut Police.

With a licence to bash, hack, stab…and even in one instance strangle with the ribbon of a completely censored and de-nuded version of a VHS movie…they go about their duty with extreme prejudice!

Umberto is the brawler of the team. A big brute who loves to just fuck people up!

Joe…code named D’Amato…is a highly trained unarmed martial artist who likes to smash the shit out of people with feet and fists. But alas his handy hatchet is at the ready as well!

Dario is the boozer and a bit on the batshit crazy side! 

Miss Fulci leads them on. Apparently a Nam Vet…apparently as she doesn’t seem that old…doesn’t take shit! She took on 5000 of the Cong and walked away bloody at the end. 

Uncut Police are here to fuck shit up for the right for people to watch the full film and not worry if it is cut.


Uncut Police (2014) Extreme Horror Cinema


Uncut Police comes from the mind of German filmmaker Waldemar Feifer. It is an action packed, gory, satirical splatter film with a low budget. On stating low budget it is very well shot, acted and the special effects are really good though I would of made them even more bloodier…but that is how I roll!


When it comes to a unit that specialises in dealing with these God damned censors and their supporters i.e. people who buy this shit wanting denuded experiences with extreme prejudice and with apparent glee there is a bit of insanity as well. Especially Dario, he is one crazy fuck! Hell, they are all crazy fucks who really get into their duty!


Being a person who wants the full experience when it comes to my movie viewing I gravitated to the storyline. Naturally the gore, action and violence sweetened the pot. Not a huge fan of comedy but works well here in a satirical fashion without being totally retarded as some horror comedies can be, hence why I mentioned satirical in the above and not comedy…though on the Face Book page it is mentioned as comedy there.


Viewing Uncut Police I had a really enjoyable time! So thanks to the generosity of Thomas Binder for sending it out to me, it is very much appreciated! Really look forwards to what Waldemar Feifer might have inshore for us fans of German Splatter insanity next!

Uncut Police (2014) Extreme Horror Cinema

“There is a bit of Dario in all of us!”

Uncut Police is available over at 

Uncut Police have a base at Face Book

If you have experienced Uncut Police and feel to share this please come and visit the thread in German Underground here and share your opinions.




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