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Udbrud aka Outburst

Title: Udbrud aka Outburst
Director: Henrik Anderson
Writer(s): Henrik Anderson
Cast: Anne Stenholt, Tina Petersen, Anders Willy Ehrenreich Eriksen, Niklas Pedersen, Louise Dyrensborg, Line Nymann Christensen…
Genre(s): Zombies / Splatter
Release Date: 2014

den-helt-færdige-plakat.Wandering the mine field and opportunities that is Face Book I came across Udbrud in one of the groups I am a member of. Experiencing the trailer of puss filled zombies, blood and gore insanity I knew this deserved a new home in my library. Researching farther I discovered that Danish horror experience was expelled and captured on film by special effects make-up artist Henrik Andersen of AMOS-FX / Face Book Befriending Henrik I enquired about obtaining a copy of his debut short as writer / director.


Soon a package arrived from Denmark. Opening up to obtain the cinematic treasure inside I took in the lovely artwork. I also spied the following…


“…To Splat…From Henrik Anderson…Its a matter of Splatter…”


Yes it is, a matter of Splatter! With much excitement I arrived home from work that night to have my experience of this zombie…




11164575_10153385804879407_230503203765300482_oAn ancient Plaque arises once more from the simple act of eating a bad batch of eggs. Consumption leads to puss filled nodes and then death. Soon the dead arise as murderous zombies with only one focus, destroy the living!


A town of friendly folk are no more. Neighbours kill neighbour, family destroy each other till only the dead stumble along hunting for the living to having their murderous ways with.


Sitting at the breakfast table a young woman is too busy reading her magazines and listening to music to eat.


Lucky for her!


Or maybe not!


11536421_10153385805414407_5844484612254150551_oSoon her father pigs out on eggs and becomes infected. After copping a mouthful of puss so does her mother. Narrowly escaping she wanders into a street full of terror out to kill her. Finding internal fortitude she gives the fight back!


Soon a force to be reckoned with wanders the landscape!


Plague pusstuled ridden zombies and gory mayhem rule the landscape as our woman with no name


Outburst is a Danish short zombie film full of nods to some beloved subgenres during its run time of approximately 39 minutes. 




Gore, sickness and insanity.


11537624_10153385803939407_6610182642114664689_oSickness literally smacks the viewer in the face from the start after our initial opening act to set up the story. That is of a Plague that stricken the unfortunate in the Dark Ages and has returned. Our woman with no name’s father eats the eggs and suddenly pustules appear. Mother seeing this gets all excited and squeezes, to get a wad of pus in the mouth. An outburst of sick shit! This made my day and set the whole experience up nicely!


We get this scene of a town where everyone knows each other and are friendly. When our heroine makes her initial escape she is greeted with zombies everywhere chasing the living down and killing them in gory fashion. What it looks like is that Henrik got his players to just have fun and go for it. Everyone looks like they are having a great time.


10648490_10153385804349407_4632027446384348838_oGore wise it is all-practical effects and the film brought to mind German Splatter Underground, which, for this viewer, is more than awesome! We do get digital effects here, but this is mainly for muzzle flash from assault riffles at the end. All the intestines, bodies cut in half, head splits and other tasty tidbits are all by the capable hand of Henrik.


There are a number of influences that can be felt here. An interesting mix of the Italian Zombie Cycle of its heyday, Thriller: A Cruel Picture aka They Call Her One Eye for our woman with no name and Mad Max 2 with the final. Along with this the soundtrack harkens to that of Goblin thanks to music composer Flemming Berg. It all fits in rather nicely indeed.


1502628_10153385803819407_2304623351953764298_oI purchased Udbrud on the promise of the trailer I experienced and was not disappointed! We get a nice backstory with the medieval times and the awesome looking armour and events that are to come. Then boom the start. All is at peace in the world, family at the breakfast table then, splat! Puss in the face, death, and then mayhem as the parents rise as zombies. Loved the story of the growth of our woman with no name. How she loses her eye and becomes this fighting force to survive and conquer. In the end, for me, Outburst was a great debut from Henrik Andersen and well worth picking up.


For a fountain of farther information can be found here at As for finding out where to purchase from Henrik has his group on Face Book or you can approach the man himself. He is a great guy who loves what he does and it shows!


Massive thanks for the stills mate!


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