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Tus Gritos Me Dan Risa

Title: Tus Gritos Me Dan Risa
Director: Sergio Morcillo
Writer(s): Pablo Rodríguez
Cast: Zida Marín, Rafa Casette, Flora Lōpez, Nacho Martínez, Diego Domínguez…
Genre(s): Clown, Demon Possession, Short Film
Release Date: 2012

582193_277375339015361_1545548207_nSpanish filmmaker Sergio Morcillo shared his short with us as a reply on a status at the Extreme Horror Cinema Facebook page. I gave it a shot and loved every minute of this.


A young woman is driving to a holiday unit to spend time with her family for Christmas. Driving past this strange man who appears to be in need of help she drives on.


That night watching horror with her family her younger brother looks outside to see a clown. No one believes him and he is told to sit back down.


Soon there is a knock at the door; the father answers it to a night of clown mayhem and horror.




Gore and Insanity


10001240_596902853729273_36574648_o In a way I saw a Demons influence in Your Screams Make Me Laugh. People get bitten and become these clown demons.


Death and mayhem come in a variety of ways with plenty of blood and bits! For the most part the use of practical effects are applied. CGI that does appear but for me, due to the theme, this did not distract as it was used sparingly. Most certainly no CGI blood!


Killer clown horror with killer looking clowns!


Cast was perfectly picked, there was a nice family feel going on here. For the themes of Your Screams Make Me Laugh that was important. It’s Christmas and the family is together with all of their quirks


10348283_820296091389947_7028732790181611626_nYour Screams Make Me Laugh is a bloody great horror short, no clowning around! It keeps it’s pace up for the whole 15:45 minute running time with no stumbling at all. Sergio is gracious enough to have shared this on Youtube for everyone into our beloved horror genre to experience. Check it out here and don’t foget to share your feelings about Your Screams Make Me Laugh afterwards. Also there is a Face Book page to show support by pressing the LIKE here Hope you enjoy as much as I did.



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