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The Woods Within

Title: The Woods Within
Director: Brandon Prewitt
Writer(s): Brandon Prewitt
Cast: Tori Ahr, Tyler Riley, Jon Kovach, Clay Orem...
Genre(s): Slasher
Release Date: 2014

Brandon Prewitt approached me not so long ago about experiencing his film The Woods Within (2014). Naturally I replied I would love to.

Brandon founded Studio 605 with Roman Jossart so I had an idea of what I was going to experience! A slasher film with a lot of passion behind it! These guys love this genre.

 10390377_281965685310710_2553853960749231454_nThe Woods Within promised an experience of a slasher with elements of a murder mystery.

Nicole and her friends plan on having a weekend campout in celibration of the end of school. But there is one stipulation! Nicole has to have her younger brother Devon tag along. Naturally he drags his best friend along for the party!

After a night of alcohol fuelled partying the new day puts the light on an issue…

…One of the friends is dead on the campfire fire and a killer is amongst them!

Teenagers, a campground, murder and a mysterious masked killer hunting down each of the group make for a modern take on the slasher genre!


tww 2The Woods Within is more about the mystery of who is the killer than fucked up gore debauchery!

There is this feel for the slasher of the early 80s with more of a focus on the story and setting up an atmosphere of mystery. Naturally our first victim is discovered smouldering on the campfire. We also get a number of murder scenes where victims suffer the fate of slashed throats, shot with arrows, stuck in a bear trap then axed and so on. These are enough to display the work of the mystery killer and keep The Woods Within moving to its conclusion. Not gory but the effects are well done!

We get one shot of CGI but I can understand why. With a small budget naturally Brandon Prewitt and the team cannot blow up cars willy-nilly!

10421515_369679626539315_2979155444575002109_nFor most of the cast The Woods Within was their first experience in the field of acting. Keeping this in mind I felt that they did a decent job with their characters. Nothing felt really jarring or affect the flow of the experience!

The Woods Within follows through with its promise of a slasher with this element of mystery. For its hour running time it flows through smoothly and doesn’t get stuck at any point. I had a good time with my The Woods Within experience!

So thanks Brandon Prewitt, I had a good time experiencing your slasher/mystery sir!…and I get the feeling that THAT is what The Woods Within is all about! 

For those interested in Brandon’s film it can be purchased at 

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