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The Thin Man

Title: The Thin Man
Director: Bayden Ray Redshaw and Dylan John Redshaw
Writer(s): Bayden Ray Redshaw
Cast: Bayden Ray Redshaw, Olliee Rogers, Mathieu Gemini, Brendan Johansen
Genre(s): Supernatural
Release Date: 2015


11760516_857299407686220_1747032855_oIf you know me, I like creepy!


Bayden Ray Redshaw is a friend I met on Face Book. He is also a fellow Australian who heralds from Western Australia. I dug what he was sharing thus friended him.


Naturally, he brought up his debut feature length film, The Thin Man. Intrigued by the possibilities I went and gave his page a like to keep up with the goings on with this Aussie production. Knowing my interest in his project Bayden promised me a link to the screener once it was up.


Sure enough, being a top guy, Bayden followed through with his promise!


11377387_1643352282561044_112483985076608001_nWatching a video shot by a man summoning up the spirit of The Thin Man a young video blogger is intrigued with what he experiences. 


Baydz1 has been in hospital and hasn’t done a video project in a year. His first project going back into his passion is this project, seeing if The Thin Man is just an Urban Myth or something much more. 


With his brother and best friend the night starts of in the regular Aussie way. Beers are consumed, drunken banter and then some cane toad kicking.


But soon down to business!


Is The Thin Man another Candyman or Bloody Mary; or, is the myth something much more diabolic and dark, something real?


11750005_857299307686230_428295520_o-1Watch this to experience the life of young Aussie guys doing there thing as it is spot on and real! I am re-watching, actually, listening to this while I type away and what have you. Dialogue is awesome! Drunken banter, drunk chat on Skype with their friend’s ex and drunken cane toad kicking. 


Don’t mess with the supernatural whole drunk, this warning is turned around and laughed at.


11754656_857299387686222_4172209_oBrought me back to my younger years; getting drunk with the boys, just chatting and doing crazy shit! Having brothers and their friend in the roles creates a naturalness that shows up on screen and is organic. But along with this Bayden is going through serious health issues and has been in hospital and dealing with some some serious shit!


I love the whole atmosphere of all of this! Love Aussie ‘culture’ this alone should drag you into this experience!


Then to why I went into this!




“Thin Man Ritual! Thin Man Ritual! Thin Man Ritual!”


Things get creepy as fuck! Why? Because it feels so real! All because of going from this natural ease of relationship between all of the characters. You become one of the boys. Things at first don’t happen, just another Urban Legend like Slender Man!


“Might as well make our own demon…the Frog Demon!”


11760367_857299424352885_2120987996_oOr is it?


Of course things go to shit for the guys! It IS a horror film, and a creepy one at that! Noises of knocks and laughter, strange occurrences then HE is seen as a dark shadow and a shape when the camera screen distorts in the presence of the summoned spirit.  


The Thin Man is creepy as fuck!


All of this on a micro budget. But then I would rather watch something with this natural organic process then something forced out of a million dollar budget. 


11733552_857299344352893_915752661_oAs you can see I really had a good time with Bayden’s film. I mention it heaps but what I seriously loved and pulled me in is the naturalness of it all. I could associate with everything happening. When the creepiness eventuates it didn’t feel forced! The Thin Man is part biography as well. Bayden ‘Baydz1’ is for real! He is going through serious medical issues along with the stupidity of the medical system that cannot see through it’s own ignorance. He does do video blogs and creates these projects with his brother and friends! All this flows in nicely with Bayden’s debut as a feature length filmmaker! 


All of this tempts your cinematic taste buds? You can show support for Bayden, Dylan and their friends efforts by following The Thin Man on Face Book along with Redshaw Pictures Baydz1 has his Youtube channel






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