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The Sky Has Fallen

Title: The Sky Has Fallen
Director: Doug Roos
Writer(s): Doug Roos
Cast: Carey MacLaren and Laurel Kemper
Genre(s): Post Apocalypse Zombies
Release Date: 2009

user_53155a4c3897e40600000036_project_poster_tall_164406362.220x326Doug Roos approached Extreme Horror Cinema’s Face Book page to see if anyone would be interested in reviewing his film The Sky Has Fallen. Naturally having known about the film I decided why the hell not. Giving me a password to view his film on Reelhouse


A promise of All Practical FX. No CGI. No Shaky Cam. How could I go wrong!


An epidemic has wiped out most of mankind. Turned them into murderous zombies they prowl the landscape searching out the last survivors. Strange beings have been seen experimenting on the dead, and the living.


Two survivors with an unknown history together meet up. Soon realising they should stick together for the better chance of survival.


38685_423380866480_2354290_nThey go on the hunt for the leader of these mysterious, perhaps demonic, beings!



The Sky Has Fallen story is told through flash back, contemplations and the experience in the present tense. 




39832_427139826480_1168841_nAs stated in the above this is a practical effects film inhabited by the undead. But along with undead, there are the undead that have been fiddled with by beings of an unknown origin. Bloody and messed up these zombies are the best part of this film. Thought the mysterious figures looked good too in some shots where you see a hand or whatever. In a way reminded me of the demons from Brian Paulin’s Bone Sickness.


Along with this our main character is armed with a katana aka samurai sword. So naturally we get splatters of blood and some slice and dice.


37734_422484321480_3493739_nWe also get to see less fortunate people fall victim to the undead and the mysterious watchers.


But alas that is it, gore / creature effects; no real experience of those other awesome descriptive words.


Now before I go to the negatives I will state what I dug about this. There was some effort into making the swordsman actually be this, a person skilled at using a katana, which for me was a nice touch!


To be honest I did not feel any connection to the two leads at all apart from the swordsmanship thing. They droned on and on and the conversations were kind of strange in structure. Maybe it was a form of PTSD or something from all the horrors they experienced, I don’t know. When they spoke to other people during the film, it was the same with them as well. I just felt totally disconnected and was waiting on the next encounter with the zombies or the mysterious foes.


407419_10150553288911481_211285852_nLooking on the The Sky Has Fallen site along with its IMDb page there has been a bit of praise for Doug Roos take on the post apocalypse zombie film. So maybe other viewers will get into this far more than me. But, for me personally, though I dug some of the effects and scenery, other aspects took me out of the picture totally! Naturally if you do watch this and dig your experience you can purchase Doug’s film here at The Sky Has Fallen‘s site


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