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The Lurking

Title: The Lurking
Director: Rob Michels
Writer(s): Rob Michels
Cast: Jason Phelps, Shayne White, Samantha Haag, Brian Ruhland, Smila Reyes, Lacy Johnson...
Genre(s): SOV Slasher
Release Date: 2015

I received a message “Do I want to review this micro budget sov slasher film from Screaming Like Banshees?” 


As anyone who loves the underground, films made with much heart when there is less cash flow I stated naturally, I would love to! So I approached The Lurking Face Book page here and stated my wish to check out this experience in slasher mayhem. Soon enough I am sharing my email and receiving a link to check out Rob Michels and Screaming Like Banshees latest horror experience. 


The Lurking (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaTwo friends drive to the woods to get wasted on acid. Paying little attention to the fact that there is a killer out there with a body count of 9 doesn’t faze them at all. 


Soon our two wasteoids wander the woods imbibing what drugs they have. Just walking along and enjoying the moment. Wishing for beer and in bizarre coincidences finding it. 


Meanwhile people are getting slaughtered in a variety of ways!   


Wasted, little do they know death is stalking them!


The Lurking IS a low budget SOV slasher film. Mr Michels and his crew shot their slasher horror exploits on video. It looks great! From the opening scene of arm amputation carnage and mass blood spillage I knew I was going to love this 61 minute experience!


According to their IMDb page budget was US$750.00. So don’t go into this expecting mass gore mayhem in the vain of the big names out there of say Marcus Koch, Olaf Ittenbach or anyone else renown for gory mayhem.


Blood has the look of 80s SOV and some Giallo. There is plenty of it when it gets shed! People get hacked, impaled, their faces partially blown off with explosives. I am a fan of micro budget horror and loved what they did here. For me it looked great. I was glued to the screen the while time, it was a feel good experience!


The Lurking (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaSo…what are the faults with The Lurking?


Well for me, none! But for others some may be put off by the micro budget or whatever. I honestly cannot fault this as all I see is passion and effort to create something for people such as myself. 


Don’t go into The Lurking expecting The Godfather level acting! After all it is micro budget SOV Slasher not the next oscar nomination for best actor!


I dug our two main leads getting wasted and wondering the forest. They meet the guy who shares a J with them then wants to show his dick. How they find beer from time to time when they want it. A couple roasting their food on the fire. The man a weiner and the woman, two marshmallows. On his and her cooking utensils if you get me. How the killer stalks the two wasteoids but they are always saved when someone else comes up, but then just maybe the killer is saving them for last. I felt the characters were portrayed just fine. No annoying moments where you just go for fucks sake die already. 


The Lurking (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaI had a great time with The Lurking, I absolutely love these films! Guys like Rob Michels go out and pretty much do everything themselves to create something for the fans, as after all that is what they are as well. This while vibe that came off the screen from the visual, to the soundtrack and naturally the happenings just worked in perfectly with each other! Once the DVD gets a release I most certainly will pick up a copy! But in the meantime you can pick up the Limited Edition and numbered to 50 vhs at Screaming Like Banshees here





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