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The Devils Door

Title: The Devil's Door
Director: Gordy Price
Writer(s): Gordy Price
Cast: James Shiells III, Billy Cobb, , Joanna Bourke, Malik Smith, Jenn Sparx, Johnny Trash, Gordy Price, DeAnna Garcia Quintana, Chelsia Simmons, Chris Wyatt...
Genre(s): Satanic Horror
Release Date: 2016

The Devils Door (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


The Devils Door will open upon the sacrifice of a person, removal off their still freshly beating heart. Then the ritualist must bury the heart in a cloth with a piece of metal to attain Murder, son of Satan’s reward…a single gold coin.

Between 1813 and 1830 166 people were buried for the attainment of riches beyond any man’s dream.


Murders! Five women and counting! A serial killer abounds in one small town. His operandi…beat his victim to death with a baseball bat then removal of the heart!

Two men are on the case. Detective Young, last seen in Music Store Massacre. The other Bill Sykes. Afghan Vet who had been held captive by the Taliban. Their leader had a passion for baseball and beating people to death with a baseball bat!

All awhile Murder awaits with gold for each new victim!


The Devils Door (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema



Gordy Price

Gordy Price

The Devils Door is the follow up of debut 2013 film Music Store Massacre‘s writer, director and actor Gordy Price. In fact one of the main characters makes a return to this tale of Satanic rites in the name of bullion, Detective Young.


Gordy has been involved in acting since 2005’s Goal! The Dream Begins. For me some of the more notable films he has been involved with are Adam Ahlbrandt‘s The Cemetery and Hunters. Naturally Music Store Massacre as well, obviously! Along with acting Gordy is involved with ever facet of the making of his films. When it comes to budgets on the lower end of the spectrum it is a great teacher in being hands on and developing a knowledge in all areas of filmmaking.


The Devils Door is low budget filmmaking with a load of heart! So for some acting may be an issue.


The Devils Door (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSome of the support cast brought a smile to my face when they acted their role. Certain things came out the way they did and instead of annoy me it brought a smile to my face. Usually I would roll an eye or whatever. But here I was like it was cool in its own way. It wasn’t over acting in a Troma kind of way. It was hey and a smile would appear. So don’t expect the next Oscar nomination for acting to go towards this underground film experience. But anyway fuck that shit! Watch movies with heart not ones that lack it and have had a tonne of cash pumped into it to replace the creativity!


But in talking about the acting the three main leads did an alright job.


The Devils Door (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaJames Shiels III played the role as Vet Bill Sykes with some obvious issues. Along with this James plays Cyrus, the man from the events of The Devils Door murders from the 18oos. Dug how James’ portrayed his characters, mainly Vet Bill Sykes when he deals with his flashbacks then later when he is being pestered by one of the spirits of a murder victim. Some moments were a little mixed for me and I had to warm to him then all was fine.


Ricky D’Alonzo plays Detective Young who gave me a deja vu feeling with him. Just a feel of sorts is all. In ways to my friend Matt Jefferson‘s character Alex Gordon from the very awesome The Downfall of Mr. Difford. But then they both detectives so…hey! Just thought it was very cool is all and nice that this should happen.


The Devils Door (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBilly Obryen Cobb plays our Taliban torturer Puck with with a penchant for baseball. But also he plays Murder, son of Satan. Billy was my favourite actor within the confines of The Devils Door. Really dug how he portrayed both characters and the fact they were totally different. Also dug how he looks as Murder when Murder shows his true form, like his Dad. Had some low budget effects here that I felt looked perfect to me. Nothing fancy just a little nutty, it was beautiful!


Along with this I dug Gordy’s character along with some of the others! Won’t deal with this as I feel it may give away some of the second half of The Devils Door.


Special makeup effects by Elisa Kirby, Jenn Sparx and James Shiels III.


The Devils Door (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaMainly what the guys had to do were wounds, blood and…obviously…hearts. Again this is low budget so don’t expect an Ittenbach, Koch or Nicholson splatter extravaganza! Everything is fitting though for the storyline and not lame or whatever. What I really dug was the look of the blood and hearts. Especially when we go back to the 1800s with Detective Young’s research on the murders. Shot in black and white the kill shots and hearts etc are in striking red that looks great!


Mentioned this before but I dug the effects for Murder, son of Satan when he is in his true form. Cheap but I really loved it a lot! Just felt perfect to me. But may not be for everyone, alas though I ain’t everyone!


The Devils Door (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaLow budget films from the underground scene are a passion of mine when they involve a lot of heart, effort and passion. Though aspects may not be perfect and have room for improvement they draw me in. The Devils Door has a promise that is perfect for this. At a base level it is one of Good Versus Evil and the sacrifices needed to deceive and conquer evil. Gordy is a smart guy to go with this with the resources he has available. Bringing forth effective scenarios with what he has. The Devils Door had me riveted to the screen throughout its run time.


Thanks to Gordy Price for allowing me to experience his The Devils Door!




The Devils Door (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


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The Devils Door (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

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