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The Carnage Collection

Title: The Carnage Collection
Director: Bob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira & Kimball Rowell
Writer(s): Bob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira & Kimball Rowell
Cast: Tiera Colette, Derek Ferreira, Bob Ferreira, Felisia Grimm, Kimball Rowell, Desiree Lynn Hersom...
Genre(s): Horror Anthology
Release Date: 2016

The Carnage Collection (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBirth of my knowledge of The Carnage Collection arrived here at Extreme Horror Cinema via a new thread in Underground Horror Films forum.


Exploring shared knowledge within along with the trailer I felt here within beholds potential for a great nights Underground film watching!


Soon on The Carnage Collection‘s Face Book page appeared a request for reviews to explore this anthological horror experience. Naturally I jumped in for a screener as I dug the promise and felt here is something worthy to share my experience with.



Bob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira and Kimball Rowell got together in 2001 to form LBFilms as a vehicle to create horror shorts with an aim to build up to a feature. After a number of short films and two longer shorts with Splinter (2005) and Infection (2008 / never fully completed) LBFilms metamorphosed into Point & Shoot Films. Time came for a feature and thus we get…


The Carnage Collection (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaThe Carnage Collection


Beware of devilish people bearing the gift of free cable! 


Two friends discover they are on  Robot Santa To Slay list….”Ho ho ho motherfuckers!”


Out to purchase a nickel bag of drugs a man gets something totally different. Surrounded by masked eyewitness he goes on a trip to deviate, filthy, hell….”I have to do more of that shit!”


Divorced and lonely a man’s sexual needs are filled with fucking his VCR, shooting his load all over it. Unfortunately his VCR has enough and bites his cock off. 


Two guys sitting around receive a text stating we got what you need. Going out for weed they head off and wind up at a cemetery. After a mysterious woman passes them a large box of weed they return for a night of getting stoned. Awaking in the morning they discover this weed has a nasty after affect, death. 


The Carnage Collection (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaClown fearing mother is in for a deadly surprise when one appears and starts to massacre her and the family. Soon our crazy clown goes out on the hunt for more victims.


Visiting the grave of a loved one a man confesses that he cannot handle it anymore. Wandering along train tracks he heads to a bridge to jump of. Waiting there is a figure who seems to know his every move. Overtime he plans on suicide the man is there, smoking with a message that God has plans for him….”I never said I was saving you!”


Walking through the woods a woman spies a man in a mask and tries to escape. Catching here he stomps her head and removes her to a more private locale. Here cruelties are dished out one by one, one worse than the last. In a surprise move she manages to cut his throat before dying. As life oozes away last memories of his plan flood in. 


Loneliness can do funny things such as have conversations with your plush toys. Lonely and wanting to hang with a friend a woman instead discovers a new one. Bringing her new plush toy home she discovers that her new friend can talk and finds her sexy while she masturbates. Soon he wants to up the kinkiness when our lonely heart has a visitor!  


The Carnage Collection (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaGORE SICKNESS FILTH INSANITY DEPRAVITY


Heads bashed in, cocks bitten off, a woman fucked with with a curving knife. Another having conversations with her plush toys and doing their bidding. A man having a mad trip while, masked people watch on. We get an experience of gore, sickness, filth, insanity and depravity through the eight vignettes on offer here in The Carnage Collection!


Negatives here are for those who don’t really delve into low budget filmmaking. You won’t get Oscar nominations for best actor award though I myself felt the characters were portrayed perfectly by each actor. Maybe the low budget effects might make some people roll their eyes. Cock looks a bit like what it is in some shots, a dildo. Carving knife fucked vag looks like a masturbation aid up to a point, and what I guess it is as well. Again, any issue for the viewer would be more of those into the perfect.


The Carnage Collection (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaPositives are that I dug the fact that the guys used what the had and went for it at 100%. No covering up, they did what they felt would be most effective with the funds they had. For me passion will override a lack of imagination or an over developed CGI budget any day. Above notice of what was used for me was awesome. Nothing was hidden, they wanted to show sick and disturbing and went through with it. 


Each character was portrayed fine. No annoyingness, just being. We get some madness and menace on offer and when it arrives it is worthy.


Moments that stuck with me the most was the drug trip of the second vignette, man and his VCR, clown and our lonely lady with her plush toys. All up though each story was an enjoyable watch for it’s own reason. Just that the ones mentioned were my favourite. 


The Carnage Collection (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira and Kimball Rowell bring to us a collection of carnage. Stories that go from the straight forwards slasher variety to the more insane. Each vignette that in their own ways will take the viewer into a more twisted mental arena. Using what they have and with a low budget they manage to bring forth a group of stories that hooked me in for the whole run time. For a first feature creating an anthology was a very smart move, and one I enjoyed! Love anthologies then The Carnage Collection has something on offer for fans of Underground and low budget filmmaking. 


The Carnage Collection has a couple of avenues you can delve into ~


Extreme Horror Cinema‘s thread where you can share your own experience


Naturally make a purchase here at Point & Shoot Films


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