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The Campground: The Requel

Title: The Campground: The Requel
Director: Roman RoJo Jossart
Writer(s): Roman Jossart and Brandon Prewitt
Cast: Anna Love, Casey Weber, Jack Norman, Marla Van Lanen...
Genre(s): Slasher
Release Date: 2015

The Campground: The Requel (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaThe Campground originally arose from the mind of filmmakers Roman Jossart, otherwise known as RoJo to his friends, in 2013. With an awesome spirit and passion for 1980s slasher filmsThe Campground soon caught our eye here at Extreme Horror Cinema. A number of us jumped in when the Indiegogo…I think…campaign came out and did our little part in helping RoJo create his vision.


2015 comes around and The Campground is given re-birth through the guise of, The Campground: The Requel. With the chance of having my very own experience from RoJo I jumped at the chance naturally. 


The Campground: The Requel (2015) Extreme Horror Cinema1980 and it is Charlie Varsin’s 10th birthday. Little does he realise his mother has more on her mind than giving him the usual gifts and a birthday cake. Instead, she takes young Charlie to a barn and stabs him to death with a screwdriver. 


For the slaughter of her son Mrs Varsin is held in a mental hospital. Charlie’s body is never found and over time becomes a urban legend.


This tale urban legend surfaces again at the present time. Setting up camp they discover to their dying breath that some urban myths are far more deadly then words. After a bloody night of Charlie going on a murderous rampage only two friends survive. 


They decide to research into the whole urban myth of Charlie Varsin to get gain retribution for the loss of their friends. 


Soon they discover that their is more to the story then has been told. Meanwhile more people are slaughtered by the point of Charlie’s screwdriver!


The Campground: The Requel (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaA group of guys drink beer and tell ghost stories. One brings up the tale of a group of kids who go camping and end up victims Charlie Varsin, who was  murdered by his mother in 1980 and his body never found.


Our story carries onto a new group of kids in a similar situation. Of tales told around the fire, murder and midnight mayhem! Two survive and the tale turns to the mystery of Charlie and how he can be stopped. 


I dug this for the most part. We are afforded some really nice shots of both of the survivors going about their business of just dealing with what happened. I specially liked the shots with the girl, just something about how the whole scene was done just appealed to me.


the Campground: The Requel (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaStory takes a turn to his family, to his mother and her part in the whole thing. She is in a mental hospital and natural surrounded by other mentally insane patients. For me this was well done, we get a nice amount of craziness without it being retarded or whatever. Funny enough the mother comes across as the most sane, but, controlling. Especially with a fellow female inmate.


The Campground: The Requel IS a slasher film, and what does that mean fellow horror fiends?


Murder, mayhem, slaughter! A masked killer going around killing teenagers and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!


This includes killing a scoot troop except for the one kid who was being bullied by the others. I dug this, he pointed out the bullying little shits and they copt the big one in a number of ways. But through the whole The Campground: The Requel experience Charlie’s man method of slaughter is to use the screwdriver his mother used on him. Looks great as well, the effects are nicely done though not gory as fuck very efficient! 


The Campground: The Requel (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaDug the mask, nice and original! 


My only real issue is just maybe some of the scenes of conversation just may have been shorter. Not a huge deal, just felt things could probably be trimmed back a little here. But then here is where aspects of the story are told and the mysteries unfold. Yes there is mystery and I feel this will lead to the sequel which I am very much interested in checking out when the time comes.


The Campground: The Requel marks the growth of a filmmaker! Roman Jossart revisited his debut short and created something fitting for a man improving his talents both in front, and behind, the camera. The Requel is not about bucket loads of blood and internal organs spilling out everywhere but about passion for the films of the golden age of the slasher, the 80s. It does this well while bringing with it its own mystery. As mentioned, this experience leads to events that mark the entry of another sequel to The Campground. I am intrigued with where RoJo will lead us with his murderous tale of Charlie Varsin and his bloody screwdriver! 


You can purchase the original The Campground here at the Studio 605 website Along with this, go visit The Campground Face Book and hit the LIKE and show support to Indie / Underground filmmaking

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