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The Butcher

Title: The Butcher
Director: Emir Skalonja
Writer(s): Emir Skalonja & Richard Thrift
Cast: Sean Patrick Saramak, Meghan Saramak, Kay Baun, Sam Jindra...
Genre(s): Serial Killer, Gore
Release Date: 2016

The Butcher (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema2015 a filmmaker came to my eye through the portal of a thread on the Underground Horror Films forum here at Extreme Horror Cinema.

His name is Emir Skalonja.

Emir‘s horror feature debut, Fester (2015). An enjoyable Slasher movie experience within the realm of a madman in his rabbit suit.

For The Butcher we get something more meatier with the gore!

Decorating a basement room are tools of nefarious purpose and body parts. Head hangs from the rafters, a bucket of offal and pieces of limbs lie strewn around.

On a radio a narration starts.

An introduction to The Butcher, a serial Killer hunting the Buffalo area. His handy work are found all around. His victims, women. Belief being his was abused as a child and quite possibly from a woman.

The Butcher (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaAll the while listening in The Butcher is sharpening up his knives for the next slaughter.

Lori has her gay friend over. He wants her to join an online club in meeting guys. It’s been a couple of years since a bad relationship and he just wants her to have some fun in her life.

To go out there, meet a guy and fuck!

Signing up she gets a hit from a promising prospect.

Meeting at a bar they chat. Bill seems like a normal enough guy. They chat!

Lori works for the Coroner’s office. Autopsies and other gruesome aspects are brought up. He asks if they get murders in. Her worst is not a murder but a suicide! She likes her job, the blood, guts and gore. She describes herself as bit of Skully and it turns out both are fans of the X Files.

The Butcher (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBill was in the army for five years but had enough of the blood and guts. 

They drink, talk and have a good time. Drinking their vodka, tonics and twist of lemon.  

Arriving home from her date Lori chills out to some music and look at some old photos.

Soon she has an unwelcome visitor.

The Butcher has arrived to collect some meat!

Lori senses something wrong and soon is being chased through the house. First fighting off her asailent she heads to the kitchen to grab a knife. But alas he over powers her, choking her out.

Awakenning she is now in the slaughterhouse of The Butcher. Meat ready for the slaughter!

Alas Lori is not alone!

Residing are two other victims, Megan and Katie.

Soon The Butcher arrives to ease the pain of past torment! Torture and slaughter!

The Butcher (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaMegan is tied to the table. She has pretty eyes. Soon The Butcher has a taste of one. She has nice boobs as well. Grating one then pulling apart the contents to eat. Along with this stuffing her now vacant eye socket and feeding her. He finishes her of by….! Nearby a grater full of meaty goodness!

Aftermath, the surviving girls are told to clean the place up. Lori offers her middle finger. She is a tough nut!

Meanwhile The Butcher gets a call from one of his friends, A sense of norlasy with the banter. Just guys chatting. Accept one of these guys is wearing a gnarly mask and a blood splattered apron.

Returning he turns his back on Katie she jumps him. But to no use, she is fucked!

She…is pregnant as well.

Hook or knife what will it be?


He slowly slides his knife. Coat hanger abortion!

The Butcher (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaHe dips his fingers in and has a taste. Sick fuck! Crazy sick fuck! Doesn’t have a wiener, mustn’t be a boy!

Lori torments him through this to try and get him away from his second victim. Alas this doesn’t help and he pulls out her insides.

Now Lori’s turn is up! But she has fight but not enough.

Night time and tied to a bed. Why is he doing this? Why the fuck not! All this time she keeps verbally taunting. He fucks her with a steel bar, fucking pounding her!

The Butcher learns the hard way to not leave his steal bar in his victim’s cunt and that Lori is one tough nut!

The Butcher does what he does, what is there to understand, he is The Butcher!

The Butcher is about creating fear. torment. From simply bashing over the head with a monkey wrench and slitting a victims throat and strangulation are the easy ways out.

Then he gets nasty!

The Butcher (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaCutting of fingers. Grating knuckles. Dentistry.

To tastier stuff such as scooping out an eye , grating up a boob to tasting mashed up fetus.

Sean Patrick Saramak not just stars as The Butcher but creates the gory effects as well!

My only real complaint here is that we don’t get to see the the fetus, which would have been a nice sick touch. But alas everything is nicely created and shot in full light. Heads, body parts and innards all look nice and meaty!

Two victims taste demise through the opening introductory scenes of The Butcher. These two get let of if you will fairly lightly compared to later on with Megan and Katie. But these scenes are more about the torment and madness that The Butcher is capable off more than anything. Build up of his personality while the story draws closer to the meat of the matter.

The Butcher (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSeriously loved the look of The Butcher! Awesome as fuck mask created by Josh Ibach. That on top of a bloody apron is a killer look!

Acting felt fine for what is an Underground / Indie Horror film. Everyone involved produced characters that fitted in where they belonged.

Sean Patrick Saramak does well bringing polar opposites together within the main character. Meghan Saramak is tough as nails as the woman who is poked back into the dating game then thrown into a world of torment.

Kay Baun and Sam Jindra gave some piercing screams and rightfully were told to shut up. Really dug that! Then there is the moment when they are brought forth for the slaughter! Fear and emotions of having to endure an eye being plucked out, breast consumed and forced fed and then the abortion.

Gay guy was a little over the top but alas I know of guys like this in the past so it was more than acceptable and perfect for someone who is a little pushy to get his friend to do something she really wasn’t all that keen on doing.

Don’t come in expecting the next winners of the Oscars for acting but solid efforts all round for what is a low budget film.

The Butcher (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaMusic score is by Joshua McDonald. As seems the case for this genre we do get some Metal here as well. Blood Feud brings some songs and additional score. These guys play more Doom laden metal which is a nice change from the Death or what have you. It wasn’t overwhelming and fit into the scheme of things. Doom of the women held in The Butchers room of torment and slaughter!

Loved the shots. Dug the bar, felt like a place I would be comfortable sitting at having a few.

As for the main arena.

All was not dark and dingy, only at the end when nightfall arrived. All is shot naturally with light you would expect. Our basement come slaughter house is windowed and natural light is not blocked up. Loved the setting, it felt cold. Everything was really nicely shot. Loved the end scene!

The Butcher (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaThe Butcher provides the goods!

Gore, Sickness, Filth, Insanity and  Depravity!

Fuck, Extreme Horror Cinema got behind Emir Skalonja as we believed he would bring something worthy out of his area of the underground. Emir really brought out the works creating the character of The Butcher. Someone who is quite unstable with bursts of normalcy and insanity. Nice fucked up scenes of carnage that are tasty. Well shot, for the most part nothing is hidden away. No dingy shots in the dark or what have you. We get a feature that runs for around 1:10:00 without stalling.

The Butcher may return, I certainly hope so!

The Butcher will be released by Legless Corpse Films on both DVD and Blu-ray. Keep your eyes peeled for the release!

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