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Title: Thanatomorphose
Director: Éric Falardeau
Writer(s): Éric Falardeau
Cast: Kayden Rose, Davyd Tousignant, Émile Beaudry, Karine Picard, Roch-Denis Gagnon, Eryka Cantieri
Genre(s): Body Horror
Release Date: 2014/15

Thanatomorphose (2013) Extreme Horror CinemaWe are introduced to a woman who is living on her own in a newly rented apartment. It is fairly run down to the point where at the beginning of the film we have her fairly unloving boyfriend stepping on a nail in a floorboard. Along with this there is damage in the ceiling above her bed. This is in the shape of a vagina and at one point the thought of this turns her on and she masturbates herself.

In the morning she finds what appears to be bruises appearing. Slowly but surely more appear and then sores. Coinciding with this the damaged ceiling appears to be getting worse with what appears to be some sort of water damage.

Thanatomorphose (2013) Extreme Horror CinemaAlong with all this she loses her job and appears her boyfriend is drifting away. She has a small get together and is told by her landlord she wasn’t supposed to have parties and could lose her apartment.

Soon she is falling apart both physically and mentally due to this mysterious plague that has gripped her.

Thanatomorphose (2013) Extreme Horror CinemaThanatomorphose (2013) is a movie I have been waiting a very long time to view and was blessed when the director, Éric Falardeau, was gracious enough to supply me with a link to review this film. let me tell you I was very excited at being given this chance to check out this piece of extreme horror cinema!

Beautifully shot with this wonderful sound track of violin playing. Use of interesting lenses for certain scenes that I always appreciate as well as the more mundane scenes looked amazing as well with their colour scenes. My eye is attracted to this type of thing. It feels alive and not clinical.

Thanatomorphose (2013) Extreme Horror CinemaWe have this coalition of her life taking a turn for the worst then her body following by falling apart from an unknown illness or even poisoning from something that is possibly seeping down from her damaged ceiling above her bed.

Naturally there is effects in this. After all we have a woman who is rotting away!

Effects were great. From firstly her skin appearing to be bruised to slowly appearing to go rotten. Then there are incidents though out where things slowly begin to happen to her body until the finale.

Acting wise I felt all the characters fit in. There was no ‘odd man out’ so to speak. Our lead plays her character well in her life that is falling apart from both the outside and within.


In the end I am so glad to finally get this chance to view Thanatmorphose (2013), it was exactly what I was waiting for. When you get a chance to view please do so as you won’t be disappointed.


Éric Falardeau’s Thanatomorphose has been released by two of the best places for Underground / Extreme films ~

Thanatomorphose (2013) Extreme Horror Cinema










USA: Unearthed Films


Europe: Black Lava Entertainment


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