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Terror Creek

Title: Terror Creek
Director: Andreas Bethmann
Writer(s): Andreas Bethmann
Cast: Julie Anderson, Renee Pornero, Oliver Behr, Jens Jansen, Andreas Pape, Martin Hentschel, Thomas Kercmar, Christian Winter
Genre(s): Backwoods Slasher
Release Date: 2014

Photo on 20-07-15 at 2.01 AMMan I love German Underground and Splatter films!


In fact I have a group on Face Book called, naturally, German Splatter. Simply to get like minded people on there to share their passions so that when I see stuff that I feel is worthy I can share here at Extreme Horror Cinema.


So one day I see one of the guys share their Terror Creek collection. They had like six different versions and their look appealed to me. Looking farther into the film I discover it is the latest film from German auteur of horror insanity, Andreas Bethmann. On finding this out I decided to trawl ebay to see what I could find.


BOOM!!! There it was, an auction at a great price, plus a fair postage on top of that. Alas, I lost the auction and cried tears of blood and wallowed in my filth! Something like that anyway.


Photo on 20-07-15 at 2.02 AMThen an email arrived, this seller had another copy so I pounced on it. Soon this hardbox arrives for my Terror Creek Experience.


Two women hike into the forest for a holiday in a secluded cabin.


On the way they bump into a suspicious stranger. A strange manwho seems just a bit odd, armed with an assault riffle and with a mad laughter.


After some banter they move on. Soon they reach their destination.


Alcohol, lesbian sex and games are played!


Then the terror begins.


Torture, torment and death by chainsaw soon follow! Body parts amass as insanity prowls this backwoods slaughterhouse!


Gore, Sickness, Filth, Insanity and Depravity flows in this backwoods slasher!


A woman gets pissed on! Her boyfriend gets his cock blown then the cocksucker dribbles the cum onto the girlfriend. A chainsaw is ripped loose and the body parts mount up!


Oh, did I mention the hunter is spied upon fucking a dead boar? Then the ending! But hey you have to watch this to find out!


All this with the experienced hand of Make-up Effects wizard Olaf Ittenbach…’nough said!


But alas I did have a contention with it!


I felt it was not bloody enough. There was surprisingly little blood! This chainsaw bites in and rips apart its victims yet no geysers of blood! Hell, the killer looks surprisingly bloodless after their handy work. But, in stating this negativity, it all does look good. At the least no CGI was implemented! CGI Blood…oh icky poops!


Loved the mystery of it all.


Terror Creek lacks subtitles unfortunately as a lot is said in the beginning. What and why is this happening? Does it matter? As, after all, the aftermath is in the end what matters! Insanity, blood and guts IS why I went into this.


I actually found the lack of German language skills helped with the mystery. With each torment I had my imagination pondering the whys and wherefores!


At one point I felt Terror Creek could go into Evil Dead country. Backwoods setting with a run down looking cabin. Mystery of why this is all happening. A chained door that leads to a basement of a dark little cabin full of hunting trophies on its walls. Alas, it is a straight up slasher film.


Andreas Bethmann’s Terror Creek is quite an enjoyable watch. I dug the storyline and where it leads. Maybe if more blood was splashed everywhere it could have been amazing brilliant mind fuck in gore and debauchery. But, alas, it still is more than worthy to check out for German Splatter fans. I know it will get revisits from me anyway!

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