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Tantrum (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaTantrum (2015) is the third short film of underground filmmaker, director and writer James Bell and his Very Fine Crap Videos. His earlier works being Dog Dick (2013) and Manuer (2014). With words such as “This film is fucking insane. The gore and blood splatter is unbelievable…” and “You don’t need to drugs to get high, just watch Tantrum, it will take you on a trip. I stayed up most of the night cause this film infected my brain, my sleep.” I just knew Tantrum would be an Underground experience I must have! 


Earlier today that exciting chance arose and I got my dose of awesomeness with the visions that flashed across the screen!


Tantrum (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaA killer ends it all. Slitting his wrist he survives to pull out a pistol and shoot himself in the head. Entering purgatory he witnesses a masked, wheelchair bound woman disembowel herself. 

Visions of torment flash by. 

Of self mutilation. Of the murder of a woman running and a pot dealer. Of the woman in purgatory dismembering a male figure. 

Self buggery with a crucifix, murder and necrophilia by way of skull fucking. 


Tantrum is a million miles away and running at breakneck speed from the mainstream. It’s a tale that could be seen in a few different ways depending on the viewer and how they perceive things. So really not for most mainstream viewers or people who want to be told in minute detail what is exactly happening. 


Tantrum (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaAlas I am not one of these people. In a lot of ways films such as Tantrum are why I love the Underground! They provide an experience. They have me thinking and self questioning on what I perceive to be seeing. I love this so much, it gets the motor units in my brain clicking over and takes me away from my reality, my memories and my normal day to day living via work and social dis-interaction. 


For me Tantrum was beautiful in a very raw way!


First of all I dug the fuck out of the raw feeling footage. It felt like a cheap, run-down motel in a town that is lost. 


Tantrum (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaI loved the bulberous heads of the female and male characters I perceived to be in purgatory. Simple but effective, very original!


Through this tale we get events of suicide, self mutilation, bludgeoning murder, buggery and necrophilia. All of this feels and looks wonderful to me. Low budget but it has this effect visual that looks amazing. Necrophilia through skull fucking is wonderfully sick and organic. One of the best headers I have ever seen with a climax. Looking at the corpse it just has this amazing as fuck texture about it, of ripening, glistening in decay. It looks beautiful in it’s own way!


Tantrum (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaTantrum was my very first experience with a James Bell short film but surely not my last. His vision triggered a line of thought patterns and arcs of creativity through the 30 odd minutes of his latest creation. James shared this as a gift of sorts in a group I belong to on Face Book for a very limited time, as a thanks I created this review to hopefully spread the message to those who love their underground films way off kilter to the mainstream. 


Tantrum along with James Bell‘s other works can be found here Along with this there is a Face Book page you can show support to by hitting the like

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