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Tantrum 2


Tantrum 2: Phantom of the Demon steamrolls through the psyche with an abundance of gore, sickness, insanity, filth and depravity!

Born from the psyche of James Bell with the assistance of his lovely wife Mae is the sequel to one of the most amazing short films to come out of 2015. Brimmed full of psychotic imagery, gore and madness it more than deserves this sequel. 

Visual told through a non-linear narrative of two people connecting together through violent lust. Killer, rapist and purveyor of necrophiliac playthings. A man of simple pleasures, of watching video tapes in a room covered in filth, gore blood and shit. Of fondling intestines before arranging them up on meathooks.

Of a woman’s revenge. Promise of fellatio ends with teeth, blood and a mangled cock that is hidden away in the most ironic place. 

Leading to a nasty, puss filed infected cunt that spits out it’s hidden treasure before the woman masturbate with a pair of scissors. 

In the meantime on another plane of existence / or another part of our character’s psyches our bulbous headed entities travel a bloody path. 

Tantrum 2: Phantom of the Demon is a tale that needs to be experienced to allow the viewer to understand at their own level. Each one of us would go away with our own feelings and insights to what it all means. With future  viewings would give us farther deeper understandings of what is experienced before us on the screen. A lot is played forth along the journey and with each scenario there are clues within for what is going on. 

Of course you can just watch Tantrum 2 for all the gore, sickness, insanity, filth and depravity!

It’s like James has made the perfect vehicle for Extreme Horror Cinema as the descriptive words ARE everything we experience in the half an hour or so of the run time. 

James grows as as a filmmaker with every new offering. Characters that move across the screen with their own groove. Effects work that is fantastic for low budget underground filmmaking. James’ prosthetics, body parts, skulls and masks looks erie and fantastic in their own original ways. Everything he does has it’s own dialect that is Bell-ian; original and visceral, you feel the fullness of every thing that happens…no filler! 

Love underground low budget filmmaking. With a focus of fuck what do I have or can I do to make this work. Guys like James Bell, previous review’s Yan Kaos, Michael Todd Schneider aka magGot, Ronny Carlsson along with others are my heroes…their experiences talk to me in their own language and points in the direction to making my own shorts.

Support James Bell by hitting the LIKE and following his Very Fine Crap Videos page on Facebook Trailer, artwork / stills and my words convinced you to have Tantrum 2: Phantom of the Demon in your life? You can pick up here at James’ online store


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