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Snuff Tape Anthology

Title: Snuff Tape Anthology
Director: El Gore
Writer(s): El Gore
Cast: El Gore, Isabelle Fitzgerald, Marcel Rausch, Blut Fuchs & Philip P.
Genre(s): German Spatter, Snuff, Necrophilia
Release Date: 2016

El Gore Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

Snuff Tape Anthology review has a lot of fucking profanity in it so maybe if you don’t like such words beware! How could I not fucking swear for this?

Fuchsi Fuchsberger cough cough I mean El Gore has been in my sights ever since I got my experience in German Splatter insanity with such releases as The Ghouls Night Out Trilogy, Isolation and the original The Snuff Tape Trilogy. Mr Gore…(I would love to be known as Mr Gore…Splat Gore, has an awesome ring to it!)… has been a busy man bringing us the sickness! Have yet to experience Paraphilia but hopefully will do so soon.

Dug The Snuff Tape Trilogy so when I heard there will be more then this release I was excited. Dug the grind house feel of these vignettes into death, insanity and the gore effects that come along with this sickness!

With such titles as Dead Baby Fast Food, Final Orgasm Extreme Suicide, Organ Trade Autopsy, Gore Abortion and Dead Body Rape you just have to go fuck I am in for a fucking insane ride!

I was not wrong…Snuff Tape Anthology will skull fuck you…

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSnuff Tape 0 – Black & Died (2014)

Run Time: 4 min

Written and directed by El Gore

Chuck on a VHS, pour some whisky and jack off to snuff porn. Afterwards, smoke a joint.

Afterwards wander into the bathroom for more fun.

This time with the rotting corpse of the baby stashed in the bin. Thrown in the bath tub the little corpse is sliced open with a handy pair of scissors and then pulled apart. Upon tearing apart the corpse everything is chucked into a pot to cook a lovely stew.

Baby, the other white meat!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaOur man of deviate luxury is a self harmer as is apparent when first he receives the corpse with blood running down through his pants. Then upon completion of dessicration sits in the tub covered in rotting filth and plays with a wound on his stomach.

His madness ends with sobbing holding the baby’s head up to his own. Is he sad for the loss of young life? Or, just sad he doesn’t have a plaything now?

Black & Died is a filthy voyage into a brief glimpse of the life of a deviate fiend. Of death and total nihilism. Death is symbolised in the spider’s web and its future meal all bound up and ready to be consumed at a later date…just like the baby in the bin consumed by the bacteria and other components that rot away a corpse.


Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSnuff Tape 1 – Red (2010 / 2011)

Run Time: 6 min

Written and directed by El Gore

Cinematography by Cedric Endress

Special effects El Gore

With Blut Fuchs & Philip P. 

Maggots and flies gorge on the decayed reminisce of a dead bird.

Bound and gagged in a bathtub a man awaits in terror for what is about to begin.

Torture begins by removal of a fingernail. Our victim in the bathtub struggles but in vain.

12 hours later…

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaOld binds and gag replaced by Gaffa tape. Cuts across the face from a knife. Torturer takes a razor blade to re-open a wound on the face before going to work on an arm. Son we get another look at the face and it is fucked up. 

Everything is over with a slow slice across the throat with the razor blade. 

More symbolism of decay at the start with the maggots. For me a nice touch to the whole of the events. I can picture the snuff-ist…for a lack of a better word; fuck, maybe I just made a new word, please feel free to use it….walking along with his camera and shooting that little piece of footage.

As for what we get I was in two minds. Was this just some guy taken off the street to create chaotic art or someone who owed money from a drug deal or whatever? Does it really matter? What matters that it looks nasty! Nice effects work once again with the nail pull and the razor blade cuts. Felt organic without the use of blood spray. Blood looks nice as well!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSnuff Tape 2 – Red & Yellow (2014)

Run Time: 10 min

Written and Directed by El Gore

Cinematography by Tim Rabenstein

Special Effects by El Gore

With Isabelle Fitzgerald & Marcel Rausch

Another man lies in a bathtub tied and gagged. Masked, woman in black underwear and a plastic smock enters.

Stabbing him with a carving knife she then covers his head with a plastic shopping knife. Picking up the knife again she really goes to town on his face and head. 

Taking a razor blade she opens up the man’s t-shirt at the back, then his back itself. Soon we see the spine and back of the ribs.

She must really hate this man, she attacks his head once again before going to work on his body.

Upon completion she stands over her work contemplating.

Nope, there is more to do. This time pull out innards!

Total destruction! 

One last mark is had, she squats on the bathtub, pulls aside her knickers and pisses o the corpse!

Ok, confession time!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaI thought it was hot as fuck her squatting over and pissing!

Red & Yellow is about the only time where the effects weren’t totally convincing. For me the main thing seemed to be a lack of blood when the back is cut open and the spine and ribs exposed. But this is nit picking. originally I considered Red & Yellow my favourite of the Snuff Tape Trilogy.

I reckon the victim this time around was some rapist motherfucker! But later we do discover that one of the snuff-ists fantasies is being ________. Quite possibly this is his gnarly girlfriend!

So, this could be some poor sap they grabbed somewhere for their fun and games.

This is where I had fun too with these vignettes in brutality towards unknown victims. Who were they, why were they chosen. Just some regular Joe or is there something more? Drug dealers, rapists….?

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSnuff Tape 3 – Dead, Red & Brown (2014)

Run Time: 24 min

Written and Directed by El Gore

Cinematography by Philip P.

Special Effects by El Gore

Corpse Design by Tom Heidenberg

Some people have dreams. Demented dreams of sadistic slaughter necrophiliac wet dreams. There are two kinds of people in this world; people who wish for something and those that take action. 

Dead, Red & Brown is about a doer and his lovely girlfriend who is prepared to get him to achieve his dream!

Smashing the life out of a woman! Fucking the corpse! Committing suicide and be buried besides the carcass! All the while having his girlfriend on hand filming the event. 

Killing a prostitute in the bath with a hammer. Our man with discerning tastes then proceeds to bleed the corpse out by first removing her tampon then fucking her with the handle of a toilet brush.  Pulling it out blood gushes everywhere. Naturally he sticks the tampon back in. 

Time passes and the body is deeply decomposed. Barely a semblance of its former self. Now a rotting plaything.

Wearing a medical suit and mask the man proceeds to have his way with the corpse.

Digging out an eye with a spoon he pisses all over her face.

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaPulling out the tampon it has inflated in size with the corpse juices. Lifting up a mask he is wearing he has a taste.

Finger banging her rotten cunt. Jamming the tampon in her eye socket. Gut fucking the corpse with a chainsaw. Eventually more finger banging until he proceeds to pull out her innards. Squishy!

Corpse cops a feel of his cock through his pants!

Corpse is totally fucked! Disemboweled and in tarpaulin only the head remains. Undressing he takes a shit on it’s head before getting dressed again. 

Naturally what do you do with a corpses head with it’s wanting eye socket, skull fuck!

Suicide, taking a carving knife he cuts off his boner!

Dead, Red & Brown is the final of the original Snuff Tape Trilogy.

Featuring songs by Anal Fistfuckers and Kadaverficker. No need to describe the kind of metal played here in the sound track. As in all of the Snuff Tapes featured here the metal sound track was not out of place. It felt like something a person killing people for shits and giggles would do.

Bloody tampons and mealworms a taste for what’s to come.

Corpse was from Necrophile Passion and Paraphilia. Dead, Red & Brown was a nice, sick send off such a great prop for necro excess! Kept thinking he was going to fuck the corpse but skull fucking then severing the hard-on is a nice finish so not complaining one bit!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSnuff Tape 4 – Dead Baby Fast Food (2015)

Run Time 8 min

El Gore as the Baby Butcher

Written and Directed by El Gore

Cinematography by El Gore

Sound by El Gore

Special F/X by El Gore

Edited by El Gore

Probably would have been easier to state everything by El Gore. Except the music/noise by Scatmother.

Our budding chef of Baby Meat cuisine has decided to make a little video of his expertise!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBashing a baby’s head in then chopping the limbs off and grinding through the neck to decapitate the head. Pop it in the microwave and Bob’s your uncle!

Straight forwards here! Kill the crying annoying little shit then cook it till well done!

Baby doll is used here but for me it didn’t hamper the effect at all. Bloody, ickiness is applied here with nice effect. But even if we didn’t get the prompt about our killer’s delights this could have been seen as some delusional man’s waking dreams chopping up a doll. The gore being the delusion of the madman. But alas it is a madman with a taste of the other white meat and wanting to share in his joy to like minded individuals.

Baby’s eye is creepy! Especially in the microwave!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSnuff Tape 5 – Final Orgasm Extreme Suicide (2015)

Run Time: 11 min

With El Gore as the Suicide Penis Maniac

Directed & Edited by El Gore

Special Effects by El Gore

Cinematography by Philip Petrosky

Self loathing! Wanting to die in the sickest, most fucked up way possible. On top of this having it filmed for entertainment purposes.

Jack off…jizz everywhere…then nail your cock to the kitchen bench before cutting it off! Leaving the piece of meat on the cutting board walking over to the sink to piss blood. Capping this off by cauterizing the wound with a hot iron.

Entering the bathroom not for a relaxing bath but a swill of vodka and finish the job! Razor blade across the wrists! Looking at the wounds deciding to quench the thirst with his own blood. More vodka and time to use a carving knife on stomach to pull out the intestines and play with them.

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaFinal dash, throat slash!

Having a friend film this for your fellow sick fucks out there into Extreme Horror Cinema is very handy!

Final Orgasm…Extreme Suicide is a very appropriate title! What you see is what you get!

Guy kinda looks like Harry from Hardgore Core! Has anyone seen Harry around lately?

But hell who wouldn’t want to be the Suicide Penis Maniac in a film of this nature! Sick fucking fun for everyone!

One hell of a way to off yourself, and in the name of entertainment!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSnuff Tape 6 – Organ Trade Autopsy (2015)

Run Time: 6 min

El Gore as the Organ Trade Psycho

Directed & Edited by El Gore

Cinematography by Cedric Endress

A man sells human organs to the Serbian mob! Some of his clients want videos go him performing his trade. Stuff like disembowelment are favourites for these sick puppies!

Organ Trade Psycho takes a meat __ and chops of some fingers before getting to the meat of the matter.


Pulling out the intestines and other meaty bits of offal he jars it for a client. A professional he takes care with handling the product.

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaTaking a carving knife he then proceeds to remove the head. 

In the end he shows the tools of his trade. Professional, showing every aspect of his work.

Some of the initial action is hidden by a sheet at first before we get to the juicy stuff. But then we get some lovely scenes of the torso disemboweled, wide open with the intestines pulled out and played with. Intestines look great with some nice blood and offal.

Organ Trade Autopsy is just that, a body being dismembered on film for a customer. Nice and simple. Some healthy 20 something farmed for capital. Straightforwards!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSnuff Tape 7 – Gore Abortion (2015)

Run Time: 20 min

With Isabelle Fitzgerald & El Gore

Written, Directed & Edited bt El Gore

Cinematography by Tom Heidenberg

Sound Design by El Gore

Special Effects by El Gore

Make up by Isabelle Fitzgerald

A man loves to destroy women, especially pregnant ones!

He has a favourite video and here he shares it with us. 

His victim stands, tied to the wall of the bathroom naked and scared. He strikes and and films as she pisses on herself. 

Filling a sock with something heaving he bashes her till she is semi conscious. She soon regains full awareness as he squeezes her damaged jaw. Noticably shivering she is terrified!

Untying her he turns her around to slowly sodomise her with a carving knife. Slowly inching it into her arse then fucking her little. She pisses blood from her butt!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaLifting his mask he tongues the knife!

Turning her back over he re-ties her. 

She is drifting away from loss of blood. Slapping her around she doesn’t really respond. Taking the knife he jams it up her cunt fucking her.

A fetus comes out dangling between her legs. Grabbing it he displays it to her. Dumping it on the floor he squishes it under his shoe. 

Placing her in the bath he stabs away. She is gone. He pulls out her intestines and just lets them lie on her stomach. 

Pulling down his pants he jerks off and cums on her tits!

He is done! 

Gore Abortion is the most exploitation grind house experience of the anthology. We experience close up shots of a gorgeous Isabelle Fitzgerald. Close up shots of where she will be violated by the snuff-abortionist’s blade linger. Then naturally there is the penetration.

Fear is very convincing, our victim visibly shakes all over then all of her other reactions to what is happening.

Then naturally there is the fetus. After all it is an abortion! It is not fully developed and looks great! Surely to upset the wrong people to say the least!

Nice and sick!

I spell Fetus like in Brian Paulin‘s 2008 film, why the fuck not!

Snuf Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaThe Lost Snuff Tape – Dead Body Rape (2014/2015)

Run Time: 7 min

Directed & Edited by El Gore

With El Gore as the Corpse Fucking Maniac

Fresh out of the earth, covered in worms our victim has seen much better days! They crawl across her decayed body. Our necrophile lover rubs his hands over her body

She is a turn on in her decayed beauty.


Finger banging and using a knife to prepare for a good fuck!

Setting the camera down behind him he goes at it. Arse in the air he fucks away! I dug how he just gets up when he is done.

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaCutting off the head he lays it on her chest like a shrine, then cums all over it. In the end he vomits up, guess the fetid odour was a bit ripe.

Some guys love their corpses ripe and worm covered!

Really felt like some guy grabbing a camera and filming his sexual passion. Especially at the conclusion after he fucks her and just gets up. Felt natural.

Each experience of Snuff Tape Anthology was shot in a nice and grimy grind house style. Farther more the editing gave us the feel of throwing on some dingy VHS tape with all it’s faults and multiple viewed worn out feel. Along with this the menus were very cool with the spines of VHS tapes showing the label of each vignette housed within. El Gore and his crew showed a lot of love in bringing this package together for fans of German Splatter! Going by the special features they had a tonne of fun doing so and it does show!

Snuff Tape Anthology is like some sick fiend has their little collection of deviate delights for those special occasions!

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSnuff Tape Anthology is what you get when you bring some guys together who love what they do! Have a few drinks, set up the shot and just go for it. Creating something worthy for faux snuff and German Splatter fans alike. Doing a great job with the whole experience. From the gore, scenarios and how everything is edited and put together for this release!

I really cannot make any serious complaint on my experience. As mentioned a bounty of time is what you see in the title is what you get on screen. A little is covered up but then all opens wide with the guts of each experience spilling out. Each new experience of the Snuff Tape films was great! From Dead Baby Fast Food, Final Orgasm Extreme Suicide, Organ Trade Autopsy, Gore Abortion and Dead Body Rape was nice and juicy with its own flavour. My experienced highlighted El Gore‘s growth as a special effects man and filmmaker.

Really dug the opening title to Snuff Tape 0 – Black & Died and in a way wished El Gore had kept with this theme BUT that is such a minor detail, and a personal artistic one at that. What was done in the end was cool anyway!

Sound track was very fitting. From the more noise to heavy metal instrumental to pig squeal death / grind it actually made sense to me. Some people may go here we go again but not I. I can imagine someone editing these films if they were real probably do this. El Gore being a metal head, having fun doing this with the guys it only seems natural. Plus it wasn’t really repetitive either hence why it works as well.

Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaFor me Snuff Tape Anthology is high art for sick fucks! GORE…SICKNESS…FILTH…INSANITY…DEPRAVITY

Bathtubs full!! El Gore is a sick motherfucker…love your style mate!

A massive thanks to Thomas Binder of Black Lava Entertainment for this opportunity to experience the full anthology by sending me out this release. massive thanks to El Gore for sending me the goresome stills of the latest Snuff Tapes shown throughout this review. I was like a kid in the candy store when they were being shared with me.

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