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Slew Hampshire (2014)

Title: Slew Hampshire
Director: Flood Reed
Writer(s): Flood Reed
Cast: Dayo Okeniyi, Shawn Thomas, Tyler Rice, Jeremy Isabella, Flood Reed...
Genre(s): Back Woods Horror
Release Date: 9th June 2015

435df42ee6a44a327c8fb53d0c4bc856The film that you are about to see is based on actual events!

June 1994 New Hampshire…

Friends since they were in school, a group of guys decide to have a weekend of debauchery with strippers and booze!

After one last stop to pick up their last friend on their way to male testosterone high jinks they head off after learning about a strip joint, The Lady Slipper on the border in an isolated part of Maine.

Expecting a few days of fun they get a night of terror, as a Maine-iac abounds in New Hampshire….

Slew Hampshire

Slew Hampshire is a filmic experience I have been looking forward to having for4f41bc77ecd3fbded8f63f7b3285c01a quite a long time!

This anticipation lead me to create the thread we have here on Extreme Horror Cinema in the Underground Forums

Naturally I shared the link with Flood Reed on Facebook as I am wanting to do with all of these Underground/Indie filmmakers! On doing this Flood offered me a physical screener and here we are now…a beautifully packaged Blu-ray and an awesome film flashing across the screen, the wait was most certainly worth it!

bd32024e08ac4141947b0883dfadeebdSlew Hampshire unfolded for me in brilliant style, for me in a similar style to either Adam Ahlbrandt or a more serious Ryan Nicholson, but with Flood’s own style and substance! Well filmed and thought out in certain segments such as when we have flashbacks as well as certain scenes which are like being beside one of our character’s heads as they visualize a certain situation.

Twists and turns abound and the film had this viewer glued to the screen; this is more than just a regular Backwoods Horror film that is for sure though there are familiar elements naturally!

What I really liked as well is the horror and kills. Nothing is held back and we get 4a76f2d67d230b6479f38c78e78b526fsome seriously awesome gore including one scene I won’t go into here out of respect to what Flood is aiming at with his film – in other words no teaser, sorry! Just say it is worth waiting to see anyway! Gore/practical effects are provided by Michael Schneider, of magGot FX! If you have seen any of his work you will know the high standard I am talking about. Bodies torn apart, pieces flung around, hacked up faces and other such nasties abound, a truly joyous experience indeed for all fans of splatter! Along with all of this Michael has an acting part as well, and pulls of this insanity beautifully as one would expect from prior experiences over the years.

Character wise everyone fulfils their parts with no ‘that character’ who irritates the shit out of you! From our group of young guys wanting a weekend of debauchery to our backwoods hicks, all are performed spot on!

33e61eb938692d267acbe2e5406747bdFlood Reed succeeds very much with his vision of Back Woods Horror mayhem! Everything is thought out and performed very competently! We get a great story with familiarity plus some really nice twists to the sub-genre to truly make it its own! Along with this the talent behind Flood, from the actors and the effects team is brilliant! If you get the chance, take it and see why I dug…

Slew Hampshire!

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