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SEX MURDER ART – The Films of Jorg Buttgereit Reviewed by ‘Scratchy’ Pete Ellott

Title: SEX MURDER ART – The Films of Jorg Buttgereit
Director: Jorg Buttgereit
Release Date: April 12th 2016 by Cult Epics

SEX MURDER ART – The Films of Jorg Buttgereit

“…Just when you thought you had it all…the art of Murder reaches another climax…”

A resurgence in popularity of German Director Jorg Buttgereit’s films in the main due to the evolution of Blu ray has just taken another turn.

The films themselves always long standing cult favourites, have now become Cult Epics, thanks to the amazing package brought to the fans by Nico B – (a legend in his own right).

Making Necrophilia seem almost normal…

The unthinkable act.

Beautifully portrayed and understood.

Ever-lasting love.

Has never looked so good in the transfers of Nekromantik and Nekromantik 2.

With all the extras and commentaries that make all of this…

A fucking dead…


As death is shown in all its dark forms…

Der Todesking (The Death King).

Stark contrast to the pleasure of the previous entries.

A week of torment and suffering…

Day by day…

A struggle to survive.

Succumbing to the urge…

To end it all.

In a final act where sometimes, the tables are turned…


As Schramm shows the façade.

Of lust. Of social inadequacy. Of death.

In an almost ironic fashion.

Substituting thoughts for reality in a paranoid melting pot…

Of torment and punishment…

Of desires acts…

That will eventually lead to a fall…

From everything real.

Everything’s here – including the soundtracks, documentaries, trailers and short films. A beautiful 40 page booklet that gives you even more background that continue to prove…

That death is truly the ultimate orgasm.

“Scratchy” Pete Ellott
April 2016

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