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Psychotic State (2014)

Title: Psychotic State
Director: Derek Young
Writer(s): Derek Young
Cast: Derek Young, Adam Ginsberg, John Rutland, Denise Greenfield, John R. Price II...
Genre(s): Psychological Horror
Release Date: As yet unreleased

858504_10151439025197557_833147686_oDavid is a young man who has been bullied all of his life and is on medication and seeing a psychologist for his bipolar. His one saving grace, his mother, passes away from cancer. Then on top of this thanks to more bullying David is left unemployed and unable to afford his medication or doctor.

Things come to a head and David snaps and retaliates against the people who have caused him suffering throughout his life. One saving grace at the beginning of his trail of vengeance is that after he kills one of his tormentors he discovers he is able to collect a large amount of money, and a business sets him up for a brighter future…but first there is a trail of death and destruction towards the bullies that kept him down all his young life!

Psychotic State (2014) has a message at the heart of its being, bullying is pretty damned fucked up and think twice or you will fuck with the wrong person! It is what grabbed me about this film when I first discovered it while looking at Fundraiser campaigns for Extreme Horror Cinema. As a person I absolutely hate bullying as basically I have experienced it myself in a similar way all of my life. Plus I love revenge horror so this was an easy fit for me to look deeper into and support with a thread and a donation. Sharing this thread I created with Psychotic State’s writer and director Derek Young on his Facebook page he soon got back to me. A few weeks back he offered me the link to the screener online and naturally I took it!

Was I in for an awesome surprise indeed!

Psychotic State turned out to be a different animal to what I was expecting. I had high hopes for it due to subject matter but not the style it went for, and quite frankly seriously loved!

What flashed across the screen and into my UG/Indie horror-loving mind was a magnificent throwback to the SOV/70s-80s revenge horror flicks that I could cum all over! So good that if there wasn’t a laptop in the scenes with the psychologist Psychotic State would easily fit in with any of these films from this era no problems! Just thinking back on it now is getting me all aroused again!

With all of this is murder, sweet bloody murder in the name of revenge! Though there is little gore, it is done very well indeed. But in stating this we get a lot of blood from throat slicing mayhem, which is done well. I would have loved more gore and there is a sequence where he makes one of his murders look like a suicide where it would have been awesome to see brains sliding down the wall behind his victim…not to give too much away.

Acting wise it all fell into what you would expect from a 70s/80s/SOV Revenge Flick – Damn all of this fell into place for me into this like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle and thus has proven to be a winner for this reviewer!
So for this reviewer Psychotic State (2014) turned out to be a really pleasant surprise. I got revenge against bullying cunts BUT I didn’t expect the whole style to be what it was and done so perfectly! So if you enjoy these type of movies please do yourselves a favour in time once Psychotic State (2014) is released and check it out.

46138_149672968518327_1021992004_nOn a final note I was taken totally aback when I saw Derek Young had put the good name of in the opening credits, thank you very much sir. Quite simply this was done as thanks for helping out getting the Psychotic State name out there during the fundraisers. I am so damned glad I did so as this movie is more than worthy!

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