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A Perfect Child of Satan

Title: A Perfect Child of Satan
Director: Lucifer Valentine
Writer(s): Lucifer Valentine
Cast: Chelsea Chainsaw
Genre(s): Horror, Short
Release Date: 2016

Mr. Perfect in words on a chat site on the net.

A meeting is scheduled and the clock is ticking. Meeting with the mystery man of her dreams. 

Her job, dominatrix. Profession, fisting her male clients along with catering with other debaucheries.

Experiences with past boyfriends led to chipped teeth and a broken heart. 

Excitement as she films a daily journal of sprouting about meeting the man of her dreams. Poetry in words and a body built for lust, he is perfect…

Thomas Binder and his awesome as fuck sent me a screener a while back for my preview. To say I was excited is an understatement and a half! Love him or hate him Lucifer Valentine never truly disappoints this viewer of Underground extreme. Thanks to Mr. Murphy and his law my words kept getting swept aside by the tides of time. But now with certain time consuming aspects out of my way…my production of OFF {al} (2016);topicseen#new …pardon my self promotion…I can share more perspectives on the films I feel the need to share with our EHC Reviews & Interviews readership.


A Perfect Child of Satan (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaOnline video journal of a woman who feels she has met the man of her dreams on an online dating site. She is a woman who is self employed as a dominatrix to men into being abused. Excitement builds as The Day creeps closer and closer.


He is perfect!


She is perfect, the perfect victim!


A Perfect Child of Satan (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSuckered in with the perfect words, the perfect body and his mystery. Man of her dreams becomes the man of her nightmares as he destroys are future wishes of her future with Mr Right.


Brutalised, victimised, she is dirt on the floor as our Man of Mystery and the right words dishes out his own brutal pleasure on another victim!


Lucifer Valentine dishes out the darker side to the online dating scene, the dangers of being lead by passion and desperation for finally meeting Mr Perfect…who really is the Perfect Child of Satan. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls of 2006 will always be my favourite in how it spoke to me and the imagery. A Perfect Child of Satan is a nasty and cruel piece of work as it takes a woman’s dreams and smashes it into the bathroom floor!

A Perfect Child of Satan (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

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What could possibly go wrong with online dating?
Language: English
Subtitles: German (Main Movie)

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