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Paraphilia (2014)

Title: Paraphilia
Director: Tom Heidenberg & El Gore
Writer(s): Tom Heidenberg & El Gore
Cast: Man - Philip M., Corpse - Your Mom
Genre(s): Necrophilia
Release Date: 2014

10428336_1580716122155728_792894507949092233_o“Necrophiles, which, like with most other paraphiles, are mostly male, derive pleasure from groping corpses, having sexual intercourse with them and engage in various sexual activities involving them”
Paraphilia (2014), Prelude

Going through a forest A man drags a long dead woman’s corpse into a clearing. In one hand he carries a shovel to what we can only at first assume to bury the corpse.

He unwraps the corpse gently and starts touching, penetrating, licking it’s face almost lovingly!

Then, paying attention to the rest of the body, he enveloping himself in it’s blood and gore, licking and fucking!

1795659_682280781854903_2737356147550268062_nWhat follows is a 14 minutes exploration into the extremes some people go to for sexual gratification from Tom Heidenberg and El Gore of the Grindhouse Family Filmworks.

Paraphilia is not about story but experience! Of what sexually arouses some individuals, in this case our corpse dragging stranger in the forest!

It’s not sickness for the sake of pure sickness; there is passion and worship of the body! Caressing the body and enveloping himself in its gore and fluids! Pure necrophile passion!

1278917_682249198524728_3149412254087811877_oOur man doesn’t fuck the corpse in the normal fashion as might have been expected but penetrates in other ways with a knife he carries.

Effects are well made; the corpse has an organic look and feel about it that adds to the overall experience! Probing with fingers, tongue and knife nothing looked plastic or rubbery.

Paraphilia (2014) is more than a worthy add to anyone’s Necrophile library! We get this sexual experience that feels genuine with everything the man does and the effects are great in their organic feel.

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