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Beyond Madness aka Oltre La Follia

Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBeyond Madness aka Oltre La Follia 

Something new from somebody for me is new with Italian filmmaker Luigi Zanuso. Also known as Dario Lussuria and Luigi Atomico. Described by various critics as a “hard Pasolini”, the “Bukowski aphorisms”, “De Sade of Surrealism.” But reading on about the man he rejects these labels and considers himself his own man and not a follower of any movement.

Promoter Cristina Russo emailed us here at Extreme Horror Cinema with a promise I could not refuse…

“The film, produced by Aborsky Produktion, is a surreal Porno/horror impregnated with the artistic/conceptual vision of the author”

With a promise like that who in their right twisted mind would knock back or ignore this offer? Not this writer that’s for sure! Give me your filth…all of it! Especially when it has an artistic surreal slant. Of course Porno or horror never came into my decision…maybe. But hell who doesn’t dig sexy bits, blood and the possibility of gore? Suppose there are some weirdoes out there who don’t like that sort of thing.

Now lets go Beyond Madness…(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaINTRODUCTION

 Luigi pulls up the book 999 Lay Thoughts in Favour and Against Man and browses inside. Laying it back down he goes to sleep and dreams….

“I came searching for modern man but only found his madness” Diogene di Sinope

.(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

Thus begins the nightmare…

In his dream Luigi wanders in sleepware, lantern outstretched, investigating nude people standing in different poses. 

Seated asleep on his chair noises run through Luigi’s head. White noise, animal sounds and something I couldn’t quite detect. He is muttering in his sleep, scene is shot with a green lens. between each vignette is an interlude of this scene as Luigi goes deeper into his nightmare. 

Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaEPISODE 1: A GAME OF MADNESS

“A small dose of madness is necessary to keep us from going insane” Luigi Zanuso

.(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

A scene of debauchery unfolds. Men and women standing around fondling each other. A woman pisses into a glass and blows bubbles with the contents. She then masturbates. She is then fondled by everyone. taken to a chair she is fisted. Bumming hard and screaming she squirts into a cup.


“Plato defines philosophy as a meditation on death, because the soul abandons visible and material things, as in physical death” Erasmo da Rotterdam

.(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

Masked men, and an unmasked tattooed women stand around a table. She takes a seat and dinner is served. Raw offal! Eating with gusto, she plays with her food rubbing all over her body. Intestines, a tongue and eyes. She puts pieces in her mouth and is turned on further. Taking a length of intestine she rubs it between her legs. Eating more she rubs the blood all over herself. Taking one of the man’s cocks she sucks him off. Taking the tongue she masturbates before the men take it and fuck and lick her arse and cunt with it. 


Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaEPISODE 3: A SMALL DOSE OF MADNESS

“Life is nothing but a game of Madness” Erasmo da Rotterdam

.(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

Our tattooed woman sits at a mirror contemplating back at what has been done. She is losing it, distraught, sanity sliding away. Masked men are talking on their phones. All around are dummies, some with very large dildoes connected to them. Luigi wanders in investigating them curiously. he investigate one with an open skull and pulls out a piece of intestine. he groans. 


“Looking to the past and to the present the great folly of man shows itself with arrogance” Luigi Zanuso

.(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

Seeing girl brings in offal and the meaty skull of a pig. At a table the tattooed lady is consuming the raw contents on the table. She is dressed. Blood of her feast flows down the front of her. Another woman appears, orgasmic noises can be perceived. Three women start tonguing each other. Offal is ruled all over each other. A woman pisses in a wine glass. In the end the serving girl gets fucked up the arse with what I am guessing was the pig’s bone.

Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaEPISODE 5: MEDITATION ON DEATH

“It is crazy not to satisfy Madness” Luigi Zanuso

.(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

Men and women sit around kissing and fondling each other. Dummies are around eye witnessing the debauchery. One woman has one in a lover’s grip. Woman who got fisted at the start is masturbating and cumming inside the skull of a dummy. Once all is over everyone lays on the ground. A woman with a rose walks around touching everyone with it. They appear to be dead and she seems sad. 


“It’s Madness that leads us, reason is only a semblance” Luigi Zanuso

.(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

Pig’s eyes covering her own our tattooed lady awaits being served. A plate of pig’s eyes and soup arrive, Waiter jerks off and cums in the soup. She pulls the bowl towards her, stirs in the contents and spoons it up.  Adding in some eyes she consumes more. From the noises she makes she is enjoying her meal. Taking up more eyes she masturbates herself with them. Largest eye is left for last, it goes up are arse. 

Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaEPISODE 7: THE HUMAN COMEDY

 “All human life is a comedy in which everyone plays with a different mask, and continues, until the greatstage manager makes him leave the stage” Erasmo da Rotterdam

.(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

Massive, a strap on lies across a floor and up to its connection on our tattooed woman’s groin. She has a man chained and on his all fours, her dog. She teases his anus with the tip of the strap on and her fingers. Two masked men pick her up. Dogman hold up a large funnel and she pisses into it. He laps it all up. Next he is on a table, getting fucked by the woman with a large dildo, then she fists him. Another man comes up behind her and fucks. Then a pig’s head on a pole is carried by three men and she is masturbated with the snout before lying it on her stomach where she proclaims her love for it after chastising man for he’s cruelty to nominals. then she laughs crazily and has her way with it. 


Before the end vignette Luigi states “Beyond Madness“.

“ Many names have been given to the “God of Madness”, the One who represents the unrestrainable desire and need of man to escape from the banality of his own existence” (here no name is given for the quoter, I am guessing it is Luigi Zanuso himself again.)

.(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)

Dummies sitting on a lounge with musical instruments. Entering Luigi conducts them in a symphony of music. Imagery of previous aspects of the dream flash by. Music comes to a conclusion as does the dream. An ovation, people clapping. 

Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBeyond Madness is a voyage into one man’s nightmares. Eight episodes represent this going down the rabbit hole of insanity. Each vignette opens with a quote as seen at the start of each commentary.

(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use) was over the top the entire time. Not as a water mark but in solid white type covering most of the screen. Understanding why it is done it still was very fucking annoying! I get the idea…it is the property 0f .(Aborsky Produktopn Not for Commercial use)!

But anyway…

Luigi Zanuso aim for his voyage…

A film director dreams his deepest nightmares. But real life is not always worse than a movie? A porn raw and direct that complaint the costumes and the decadence of modern and contemporary society.

We get this porn film that does bestow the viewer an insight into a form decadence. From the opening episode of the woman getting fisted and screaming while she cums, eyewitnesses standing on getting off. To a turn to more filth with the use of offal and the pigs head. Commentary of the use and abuse of animals for man’s pleasure.

Journey within the dream brings us to the conclusion of what I term the main player who seems to be the centre point of these dreams. Of fear dependence into deeper madness. Having the pig’s eye over her own. of laughing maniacally. An older woman with tattoos all over her. She fit the part perfectly for me. Nothing sexual, just this sense of losing it.

Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaHorror is in the form of this nightmare. But to be honest it wasn’t what I was expecting as horror. Unless of course one of us guys has a dream of being fisted by a madwoman….now THAT would be fucking horror! Unless you dig that shit…well each to their own I am not a judgemental motherfucker..just not into having a fist up my arse!

Oh God I am bad but I have to mention this anyway. EPISODE 6: EYES ARE THE MIRROR OF SOUL was my favourite. certain elements of the imagery looked great in their own way. She has two removed pig’s eyes over her own. Imagery was great, BUT, an element of all of this had me cracking up. Maybe it was the moment, I don’t know. But yeah, thats my confession.

For me there was nothing sexy about Beyond Madness. Woman screaming while she is getting fisted, just wished someone gagged her with their cock! Guy getting dildoed then fisted, ain’t my thing. But as a nightmare it is fitting….pardon the pun. But the horror isn’t scary at all kind of horror. Just the thought of some of the things being down could send a some people cold with great. In the end though not one aspect really upset me to any extent.

Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaAspects of the perceived madness of the dream’s inward march kept me watching. Where will it go? What will happen next? But apart from this at times I wished it would end. BUT, in a way I guess Luigi Zanuso succeeded. After all who doesn’t want their nightmare to end, wake up, and go thank fuck that’s over!

Beyond Madness dvd will be out in mid-June (2016), it’s a independent distribution. All info will be available on FB page.


Beyond Madness (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

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