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Title: Nutsack
Director: James Bell
Writer(s): James Bell
Cast: James Bell, Mae Bell, Nathan Rumler, Brian Papandrea, Sadie Tate & Lauren Abbott
Genre(s): Demonic gore mindfuck mayhem
Release Date: 2016



Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaWord was out!

James Bell’s Nutsack was being offered for appraisal for interested reviewers.

Having wanted to check out JamesNutsack, a message was sent right away…show me your Nutsack! I need to see it! So he granted my wish and I copt an eyeful of this latest Very Fine Crap Videos short film release.

For those of you who may not know Nutsack is  James‘ forth foray into short filmmaking. Starting with Dig Dick the same year as Extreme Horror Cinema arrived in 2013. Then we got Manuer (2014) and last years Tantrum (2015).

Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaJames‘ creates so far from the mainstream crowd. With names such as Dog Dick, Manuer, Tantrum and this here Nutsack you know no ordinary experience will be had! Having experienced JamesTantrum my feelings was his Nutsack would be something to behold.

Before we get into the meat of the matter just want to say thanks to James for sending me the picks of his Nutsack, they are perfecto!!!

Dark abyss opens to spew forth Lucifer’s Cosmonaut to wreak havoc upon the dead end of town.

Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaMidnight hour boner a man turns to his lover. She is transformed into a demented faced corpse spraying blood from cuts on the wrist. Necrophile lust is fulfilled as he fucks in the darkness. 

All is but a dream. Upon awaking reality awaits him on the pillow where his girlfriend’s head should have lain. In place is a note asking for him to look for work. It is not that easy though, he is messed in the head! But alas he knows what he must do so gets dressed and enters the world via his front door. 

First he visits his friend to ask for work. He is reminded that work has been offered and he should go to the office. Labour that suits him, he is no office guy. But when he gets to the office the door is locked.

Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaTurning away he has already given up.

Meanwhile his friend has had another visitor.

Misshapen fiend with tentacles that spew forth devastation. He is torn asunder, penetrated through the mouth and out his stomach. Blood and body parts left in the aftermath. In the middle of this…a book with upside down crosses, a UFO and markings on the cover. 

Thus begins a journey for our man who started out looking for work. He discovered the book and takes it with him on his journey. Right behind him his travel companion follows just out of site.

Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBodies are being found on the street. Our man discovers more pages. he meets with his drug fiend friends who want him to shoot up with them. But he pulls up his arm to discover mutation. They won’t have a bar of that and make him leave. Soon they have another visitor. Sucking her boyfriend’s cock she soon has more in her mouth than she can swallow. Up the boyfriends arse and skull fucked both are soon just a pile of body parts!

Visiting another friend he soon leaves. She has a shower and the room steams up. Upon opening the bathroom window she too becomes meat for the fiend!

Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaSoon our man and his shadow part company. Him to home and soon the arrival of his girlfriend. Fiend simply enters a sewer.

But alas all isn’t as simple as that. The writing on the wall and in the books leads to dire clues to the conclusion to James Bell‘s Nutsack!

Total annihilation of sanity and flesh!

Low budget effects that shit all over films with multi naughts after the dollar sign. Creativity trumps fat wallets! Faces, limbs and bodies torn asunder and shown in gory detail. Woman’s flesh melted away by demonic semen! Our man’s mutations. First his arms, then later his stomach. Artistic value just jumps off the screen!

Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaQuestion is asked. Are people going crazy and falling apart?

Our man has his insane dreams plus states pretty much his mind is pretty fucked up. His friends shooting up make the statement that wasn’t he in an institution? So just maybe Nutsack is about a guy who slaughters people after he visits them. This tentacled monstrosity is a fragment of his mind he goes in for the slaughter.

But no, I don’t think so. This world is falling apart due to some diabolic plot to destroy life and consume it. We know this because of the future foretold in the pages of the book and the writings on the wall. Another is the mysterious, fucked up TV show the drug fiends mention just popping up a few days ago.

Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaNutsack takes you on a journey that keeps your eyes open. Peeled to the screen you are taken on this journey that has you thinking!

For me personally I dug Tantrum more. But Nutsack is a very close second if not a tie in various ways. But to be fair they are both their own experiences! In the end Nutsack is on my wishlist of films that belong in my Underground film library! For people already into Mr Bell’s short film experiences I am positive you will dig his Nutsack!

Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaFuck it! James Bell‘s Nutsack was an experience to behold!

I want to visit more inside the crazed, insanely awesome mind of James Bell. Look forwards to what else pops out with future journeys with Lucifer’s Cosmonauts! James has an awesome vision, creativity and a love of what he does and it shows both on screen and with the releases he has on offer!

Tantrum (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


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Nutsack (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

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