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Necromance: A Love Story

Title: Necromance: A Love Story
Director: Nekro Kaos
Writer(s): Nekro Kaos
Cast: Nekro Kaos, Nekro Val Bundy, Nekro Scatogorophage,
Genre(s): Necrophilia
Release Date: 2015


10387700_747502658619316_6987820938341359729_nLoneliness and lack of love can be responsible

For Extreme acts of brutality

Even causing unthinkable sexual depravity…

The Decent in hell as just begun…

It’s only the beginning!!!

Necrophilia is not an option…

It’s a way of life!!!

Human is cancer…

Human is the true monster!!!


Nekro Kaos is a bastion of the anarchist D.I.Y spirit who heralds from Canada.


Everything began when woodenheart had created the Meat Butcher Baby thread in Underground Horror Films. Loving what I saw I friend-ed Nekro on Face Book.


Photo on 16-07-15 at 2.37 PMA lover of the films and music of the extreme he delves into creating short films with his own unique style that I love. Raw with the D.I.Y ethic; in fact Nekro’s film company is named D.I.Y Productions. Guys like this fill me with possibilities that with a bit of passion, creativity and knowledge I too can create my own diabolic and sick visions and thrust them upon the unwary world!


Being a member of his group on this sick film he was going to release upon the underground I got to experience his teasers and stills. Loving what I saw I could not wait to get my filthy (fake) blood stained hands on this!


Soon I was merited when my own copy arrived…


11748762_863631763673071_1242177950_nNecromance: A Love Story


A woman soon succumbs to the necrophile lust of a masked assailant!


Making a cup of tea a lone woman decides to have a shower to her detriment! A masked man enters her flat and drugs her brew before hiding. Upon her return she partakes in her drink to soon succumb to it’s drug additive. Upon waking she finds herself tied up in her chair with barbed wire. 


Her suffering doesn’t last long. After tormenting her with the head of a child she is strangled with barbed wire till she dies. 


11749662_863632043673043_1373816273_nGently untying her our masked assailant with a passion for corpse fucking stabs her stomach in. Then he paces her into her bath.


Slowly the corpse is fly blown and devoured by maggots!


NOW the fun startsNecromance!


Necromance: A Love Story is all about the Gore, sickness, insanity, filth and depravity. In a bathtub load and in a her stomach and skull as well! 


Nekro is a sick fuck and doesn’t shy away in this fact onscreen! Corpse fucking art with the added bonus of the killers awesome piggy mask! 


11756631_863632920339622_1404725103_nOur necrophile fucks and plays with the corpse till it falls apart. All this time the camera battery is getting lower with each scene of its perspective! 


Then, not to give to much away, we get another scene of skull fucking a fresh head in a very explicit fashion!


I love the style Necromance: A Love Story was shoot in. It’s own original look, I am guessing inspired to a point by early exploitation and German Underground. In stating this though this really does state the filmmakers style as demonstrated in his earlier short films. 


To add to the insanity aspect every so often we get the sound of a child laughing. This with what our piggy masked purveyor of necrophiliac delights does works very well.   Along with this I felt the sound track worked well. Sometimes more punk / metal while other times this pig grunt/talk thing and music. Each effect worked nicely with the events unfolding onscreen. 


11759631_863633180339596_1831187516_nEffects brought to mind the German Underground. They are on a minimal budget and not the most convincing in that it won’t be mistaken for a real corpse but I loved it. I loved the imagination of what I was experiencing. More importantly though it felt and was filthy and deviate! We get to experience some sick shit, that is for certain!


I got what I expected from a film called Necromance: A Love Story from a deviate sick fuck in Nekro Kaos! A break down of the body, corpse fucking, skull fucking, playing with the parts and rubbing rotten entrails all over his piggy mask! Nice sick shit!


11756687_863632650339649_1973190036_nD.I.Y filmmaking with a lot of underground spirit that I love! Raw with a low budget and high passion! Of creating something sick and twisted! Nekro succeeds in bringing such an experience to the screen and thus my wanting eyes for the debaucheries. Nekro does everything; producing, filming, gore effects and music. Low budget effects that create a feeling high budget films totally miss the point on for the most part. Nekro pulls no punches in creating his original sick experience. Another movie I can look in my library at and go fuck I love extreme horror cinema! I will always buy Nekro’s films, I love his style! Keep an eye open here at Extreme Horror Cinema on news of the release. A limited one is coming in August 2015, don’t miss out!


Thanks for the stills Nekro, they are perfect! Seedy corpse fucking art!

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