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Title: Morbid
Director: Chuck Conry
Writer(s): Chuck Conry
Cast: Olivia Hiers, Richard Chilton, Brandon Magouirk, Ryan Grooms...
Genre(s): Comedy Slasher
Release Date: 21st of July 2015.

10393909_845095015557425_498678856808369326_nComing onto the Extreme Horror Cinema Face Book page last week I discovered the trailer for Morbid.

Looking farther into it I felt Morbid would be a worthwhile film to experience and share this here. A killer that looks great! Promise of bloody, gory, mayhem! All of this on a micro budget of around $500! I love to see what people can accomplish with little and outside the mainstream system!

 How Grundy Nation Films describes Morbid:

A small town becomes the playground to a masked killer stalking and killing the locals for no apparent reason. With the town’s sheriff and the locals still more worried about a high school football game than getting to the bottom of what’s going on, one detective from out of town must rush to save the lives of a group of teens tossing a party in the middle of all the chaos. But as we soon learn, these teens have some complicated issues of their own.

10352085_734370456629882_1198808170090876654_nAbout the talent behind Morbid:

Morbid is the debut feature length film for Chuck Conry. Before His debut feature Chuck shot three short films focussed on two characters, Chuck and Goob, who do podcasts. Chuck and Goob on Elm Street, Moon Drop and Chuck & Goob Go to Crystal Lake. All of these are horror shorts released in 2012. Along with these shorts and Morbid Chuck as a new film announced titled The Ballad of the Worm. This sounds good with its backwoods, revenge and supernatural elements.

Olivia Hiers, Richard Chilton, Brandon Magouirk and Ryan Grooms head up a cast of mostly first time film actors. Out of the main cast only Ryan Grooms has previous acting experience in films. These being in Chucks short films!

Splat’s experience of Chuck Conry’s…


A small town suffers the loss of two of it’s citizens in the early hours of a high school football game. The sheriff dismisses it as a murder suicide of two horror nuts. 

In the meantime while the sherif is focussed on the upcoming match a masked killer is on the loose curving up unwary victims. 

Can an out of town detective get to a after match party or will the killer get there first and create bloody mayhem?


GORE: Kills remain unseen for the most part with a rolling head, eyeball or fuck up stomach in the aftermath. These liked good in a low budget sort of way. In which it is. There is the end scene that for some would make you go wtf! I won’t give that away for any of you who decided to check Morbid out.

INSANITY: Sometimes the way the killer acts looks pretty insane while at other times comes across a bit too silly for this viewer.

SICKNESS…FILTH…DEPRAVITY None at all. This is a comedy slasher style horror.

1669612_790058991061028_4250633695900042348_oTo the meat of the matter:

Grundy TV thing, especially with the sheriff talking about the double murder at the beginning of the film was not my thing at all. I just found it annoying filler!

Apart from the opening scene killing I found way too much silliness surrounding the deaths. I had heard about the victims being quiet with their demises. Felt it could be the director’s creativity with the perspective of the killer. But coming away from this felt like they didn’t want the neighbours call the cops about hearing screaming.

Along with this there was far too much filler in Morbid! Our hero trying to get to this party, the party and the Grundy TV thing.

Acting was pretty amateurish but alas they ARE amateurs so no surprise. After all with a budget of around $500.00 what can you expect. Not every low budget film can have the luck like Bloodstained Romance and have Chris Burchette rock up and get thrown into the character of Holden and do an amazing job! Hence why I never really mention the acting in past reviews!

I really liked the killer’s mask though! To be honest this, and the promise of low budget gore, got me into wanting to check Morbid out in the first place.


Morbid wasn’t for me at all!

Apart from the opening scene, some of the kills and the killers mask I really just wasn’t feeling this at all. This could work for some viewers who just dig low budget comedy slasher style films though.

In stating all the negativities this is Chuck Conry’s debut feature and I will keep an eye open for anything else he may do in the future. My only advice is to keep the film shorter, don’t worry about filler and focus more on the killer and the kills.

Feel Morbid is the movie for you? Support by visiting their Face Book and Twitter pages. Along with that go pay them a visit on their site at for farther information on Morbid.

10374531_791379310928996_5505380958911133404_nMorbid is to be released on DVD by Wild Eye Releasing on the 21st of July 2015.



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