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Meat Butcher Baby 2

Title: Meat Butcher Baby 2
Director: Yan Kaos
Writer(s): Yan Kaos
Cast: Yan Kaos, Nemesis Bathory, Melyssa B, Nadia G, Nekroval Bundy
Genre(s): Underground Gore
Release Date: 2017

Yes, Splat is back at the writing game again. With a finicky fucking Mac it’s like a gamble for if my sound is working or goes wherever Mac audio goes when it just ain’t there. But anyway this isn’t a review on Apple Mac but one for Canadian crazy man Yan Kaos!

Meat Butcher Baby 2…literally!

Twin Sisters Massacre…

Meet Butcher babies!

Walk in the Canadian ‘wilderness’ is a peaceful way to exercise and meditate in silence apart from the pesky Police car siren and helicopter overhead.

Peaceful until you find a plastic shopping bag over your head and a knife slicing through your throat!

But the Butcher needs more. He is out for a Chloroform date with his first victim’s sister.

Chloroformed she is placed in a bath and father sedated with an injection that paralyses her. After all who needs their victim struggling when you direct her alive I tells ya?

She becomes a work of art! Eyes cut out of their sockets, throat and stomach slit, intestines spilled out to finish his craft.

Angel of Death sets him free!

Takes on his mask for perhaps a new Butcher’s reign of blood!

Meat Butcher Baby 2 is what Yan and his girlfriend Nemesis do! Minimal budget horror gore D.I.Y. style…pure Yan Kaos! Minimal crew to the extreme! Pretty much just the couple doing everything on their own; filming, acting and gore effects with a nice amount of blood to get the juices flowing.

Meat Butcher Baby 2 is for me more eclectic this time around and I loved it! Different mediums were used with the visions onscreen. First person perspective to a more traditional scene presentation along with a rough snuff film feel. 

Felt a certain influence guided aspects of Yan’s vision. But more of an under the radar thing than anything extraverted. Visions of the Butcher at his trade…of what you find out later is perhaps his demise…unless I be mistaken and was an illusion of my fatigued mental state after killing myself with my weird and walked out death style! Then there is the walk through the woods among other things!

Dug the skull beignet open and the carving being had at the brain cased inside!

Meat Butcher Baby 2 felt like a culmination of a long journey in growing as a filmmaker, effects and gore fiend. This IS Kaos’ Dark Arts!

Really not for the mainstreamers or people who want traditional horror. The Butcher is for those who love low budget gore created with a pure blackened heart and passion. Yan has all of this and shows with each image stabbed and slashed across the screen!

Yan Kaos is moving onto other forms of Dark Arts soon…unless of course he rightfully changes his mind! One more short then he will be focussing more on art and music. Oh and another anthology of short films around the world. Which could of have my latest if 2017 wasn’t such a cunt of a year for creating my own mentalheadtraumas aka short films for people not in the know!

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