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Meat Butcher Baby 1 1/2

Title: Meat Butcher Baby 1 1/2
Director: Yan Kaos
Writer(s): Yan Kaos
Cast: Yan Kaos, Nemesis Bathory
Genre(s): Gore Short
Release Date: 2017


Woman meets her demise via a chloroform soaked cloth and then an injection in the bath tub.

Meat Butcher then goes to work with his tools at hand. Slice the throat to finish his victim. Then having some fun with her eyes and intestines.

Meat Butcher Baby 1 1/2 is the conduit between the original 2009 short and his upcoming journey into gore and blood soaked madness with No. #2. Here Yan gives us a taste of what is to come for us fans of Underground Gore debauchery and fucked up imagery. 1 1/2 is a small taste at just over 6 minutes in length. Nice low budget gore with no bullshit CGI blood effects or filler. In fact I felt Yan had improved in some ways with his skills here along with how he presented everything.

Dug the music from Marc-André Boucher! Gave an awesome vibe to the proceedings. As always Nemesis Bathory plays the victim well. Her throat slit last gasps of air splutter as she gasps and blood comes out of her mouth.

Cannot pick the shit out of it…or even a little bit. Felt what he promises is what we get. Meat…Butcher…Baby. Oh yeah the actual film is colour graded with this sepia tone that I dug. Stills illustrated are this obviously direct off camera and display the tone of the massacre with it’s blood, gore and grime!

Yan has promised for Meat Butcher Baby 2 a gruesome gory as fuck experience in his form of the dark arts in his underground filmmaking. It is to be one of his final acts before taking his black art elsewhere into the medium of art and his brand of punk / BM crossover….at the least how I see it. So I will imagine Yan is going to fuck our minds with some insane gory as fuck imagery!

1 1/2 will be a part of the special features of his Meat Butcher Baby 2 self release…in the name of D.I.Y. filmmaking ethic.

These are the kind of films I love to experience….raw, fucked up underground gore, sickness, filth, insanity and depravity extreme…horror…cinema! Deep in the dungeons of awesomely debauched filmmaker’s minds!

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