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The Sideling Hill

Murder Made Easy

Murder Made Easy



What you sow, you shall reap...


Made Me Do It




Thomas has been a bad boy!

But not in the eyes of Barbara, who loves him. 

Taking an ax from out of the back of a pick up truck Thomas sets out for a night of murderous revenge!

Sights set on the Hooper Household. Siblings Ali and her young brother Nick. Caught up in a night of terror is Jason, Ali’s ex-boyfriend.  

In the end everyone has a part to play in the life of Thomas…and his possessed mask Barbara! 

All will pay for what they did to Barbara’s boy….

MADE ME DO IT…Barbara made Thomas do it, take revenge on those who bullied and harassed him!

Barbara, a mask made from a paper picnic plate and crayon. Mysteriously appearing amongst the jumble of his room; school room, play room, bedroom. His cell from the world thanks to his vindictive Aunt.

Aunt on his mother’s side. She gained custody when the family are killed by a car while crossing a road. An Aunt who hates her nephew and just wants him to die. She is a nasty piece of work with a few screws loose.

Barbara the mask shows love and kindness. In return she just wants what’s best for Thomas. Kill those who hurt her boy!

Thomas wears the mask and becomes Barbara. Her voice, will and bloody actions. Her first action is to torture and kill Thomas’ Aunt. God knows she deserved it!

This is where the Hoopers come into it. Ali was kind to him as a teacher’s assistant(?) but her boyfriend Jason is one of a group of guys why bullied him. In his deranged mind she was part of the bullying. Or, at the least, that is how Barbara has twisted his memory of the event.

Everything comes into play as everyone comes together. Nick lives with his parents who are going through a divorce. His adult sister Ali has returned home to look after him for the weekend. Not so long ago he was hit by a car in his attempt to save young man’s life. Jason learns from his Pizza delivery friend that Ali has returned to the family home so pays a visit.

Not mentioned outright but I believe Nick saved Thomas from being killed. Unfortunately for Nick Thomas wished he had died with his family.

What is the story with Barbara? Is she the fragment of personality of a young mental handicapped man’s mind taken to far from rounds of torment? Or is she something more diabolical? Something reached out from the darkness to envelope a ‘weak’ spirit? All of this in a paper plate and crayon mask found in the jumble of Thomas’ room.

Viewer finds out through the journey of MADE ME DO IT.

It’s amazing how good the mask looks, really effective in creating an image and feel for the killer! Really dug the imagination!

MADE ME DO IT uses experimental application of a number of different cameras was used with excellent effect to flash back to key moments in Thomas’ life where the cruelty of his Aunt is shown, bullying from Jason and the kindness of Ali. Along with this animation depictions of Thomas’ art was used within these key scenes as well to depict where he was coming from. I’ve always enjoyed this kind of usage of different media within the context of a film so was very much appreciated!

MADE ME DO IT has some nice ax kills along with some with a garden implement. Ax to the neck, torso and the implement kills look really good. Especially because they were done the right way, practical effect!

MADE ME DO IT is described as a throwback to the Golden Age of Slashers. It uses what you would expect of this sub genre; killer finding his mask, his tool of the trade, standing outside the home of the unsuspecting along with other hallmarks as suddenly appearing in an unsuspecting manner.

What is great about MADE ME DO IT is it explains why in the context of the film. Including the ending after the credits. That bit to me points at perhaps Halloween or Friday the 13th. A ‘What if…’!

MADE ME DO IT  is filmmaker Benjamin Ironside Koppin Genre debut feature horror film. Slasher sensibilities are applied with a fresh perspective! Benjamin effectively plays with a ‘what if…’ for certain Slasher hallmarks for happening. It’s effective but much more importantly, entertaining! Cast was effective with their portrayals. Especially important was the one played by Kyle Van Vonderen, that of Thomas. And of Barbara naturally. Of innocents, playtime goofing around dancing or whatever, eating the junk his Aunt gave him. Then there is the the menace of Barbara. Truly a schizoid, split personality duality!

Dir. Benjamin Ironside Koppin

MADE ME DO IT is true to the spirit and carries a bloody ax mantel for both new and old fans of the slasher genre! MADE ME DO IT will hopefully get a distribution it more than rightful deserves! Real horror made by fans for the fans! Lots of heart, imagination and passion went into MADE ME DO IT!


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