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Lock The Doors

Title: Lock the Doors
Director: Mr. Zito
Writer(s): Mr. Zito
Cast: Sabine Wedde, Janette Pissang, Marcel Richter, Dirk Thümer, Sandra Prauß, David Grzibek, Daniel Peschmann, Stefan Peschmann, Florian Glöckler, Anne Kaiser, Gisela Peschmann
Genre(s): Horror, German Splatter, Home Invasion
Release Date: 2016

Lock The Doors (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

The Promise…

“…Due to his fatal illness, the pedophile child killer Maik F. is released early from prison after 13 years in prison. But instead of enjoying his last days, he thirsts terrible revenge on the family, which was instrumental in his arrest.

He quickly made the town of Kempls identify which are now themselves parents of a little daughter. Once in place, it takes a macabre plan to achieve his goal and each of it comes in his way is eliminated cruelly …

At the same time the young Anna is hired by the Kempls as babysitter …

If “Lock the Doors – Deceptive security” you can expect a Home Invasion – Bastard with an intelligent story and extremely rough Gore-FX…”


Lock The Doors (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaLock The Doors is the third feature length from from German Underground / Splatter filmmaker Stefan Peschmann aka Mr. Zito of Dark Corridor Entertainment. Mr. Zito‘s previous outings are Terror in a Damaged Brain / Die Brut and The Dark House of Horror. Lock The Doors is my first experience with a Mr. Zito adventure in horror thanks to the generosity of Thomas Binder of the always awesome Black Lava Entertainment!

Lock The Doors is German Underground and more often than not subtitles are non-existent. But not here, my friend Martin Kro lent his expertise in creating an English friendly version for us fans of all things German Underground.

Lock The Doors (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBloody revenge from the mind of a real sick fuck!

Maik F. is imprisoned for the moral decay of being a serial killer that hunted children. But that is the least of his depraved act. He also ate what he killed. His choice cut, his young victim’s genitals!

But it wasn’t the Police who ended his bloody sick antics. It was gun nut couple Mrs. and Mr. Kempls. Following his trail of carnage they finally track him down in the cold act of slaughter for meat. Finally the depraved acts of the schizoid persona are ended and he is thrown in prison. 

13 years later…

Maik F. is a man on his deathbed. Infected a disease that has twisted his brain and perhaps was the guide in his depraved acts. Released from prison he sets out on one last hunt for young tender flesh.

Lock The Doors (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBut more than the hunt for the other white meat motivates Maik!


For his next victim is the baby girl of his nemesis, Mrs. and Mr. Kempls.

Along with any unfortunates who gets in his way!

Unfortunately, at the same time, babysitter Anna has taken on a job in the country. Babysitting the daughter of the Kempls. having her friends over leads to a day of violence and bloodshed. Whoever stands in the way of Maik’s revenge suffers bloody death and dismemberment! 

Maik in his red lensed gas mask, wet weather gear and gumboots becomes a wraith of doom. Slaughterer of innocence fuelled by a a disease that has dragged his mind into that of an animal with a singular purpose…

Lock The Doors (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaBlood and gore filled destruction!

Lock The Doors takes us back to the Slasher films of the 80s. But without out trying to look like one, just the spirit behind the events that transpire.

Insanity returns to take bloody revenge upon whomever they have set their minds on. In this case the people who put him into prison in the first place. Mask is worn and we never get a proper look at our protagonist Maik F. Dressed in his white uniform from the prison he takes a gas mask and weather wear from a shed on the Kempls‘ country property.

Teens are our victims as always is the case for this genre. Baby sitter is tormented at what she thinks are visions of this wraith in a gas mask. Unfortunately as is always the case she has her best friend is to arrive then her friend’s boyfriend. Of course along the way the telephone repair people show up to get slaughtered.

Lock The Doors (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaMr. Zito made a really interesting move with some of his shots. For overhead / boom shots he employed a drone instead. Cheaper than getting arial shots that would be damned expensive for a lower end budget film. But also I felt it gave a voyeur feel to the shots. Slight movements in some cases that got the texture of someone looking around. Unsure if this was on purpose or just a lucky side effect of using the drone for some shots.

Lock The Doors has a lovely setting with the farmhouse, outlying buildings along with all the different little areas where the events transpire. Always admire these filmmakers with the US and European community to have these opportunities to shoot their creations in interesting locations with their long histories within each country.

Lock The Doors (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaLock The Doors IS German Underground so naturally there is splatter thrown in naturally.

Machete, tomahawk and knife put to good use. Guts a impaled through and one unfortunate gets hacked in half. We get a nice quota of low budget gore effects done well but not enough to become the main focus of the film. As with any good slasher the story and mystery is the fuel and each kill that happens has enough nastiness to carry it till the next victim.

Now to the nitty gritty.

Lock The Doors (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaWould have loved to have seen more blood and intestines. Some more victims for Maik to make mince meat off. Along with this I would have loved when the moment does come when he has the Kempls baby daughter to have been more disturbing.  Especially considering Maik‘s modus operandi. But stating that what does transpire does work for the storyline.

Lock The Doors is a nice outing into Slasher territory down with a German flavour. Beautifully shot plus with the interesting and practical use of a drone. This usage would be well worth noting for Underground filmmakers out there who would consider overhead / boom shots but would usually not get the chance of. Also as mentioned I dug the slight movements as it does give a voyeur feel to the proceedings with when the killer is first just spying on. Naturally I dug the low budget gore effects, always inspire me at what can be done. Thanks Lock The Doors (2016) Extreme Horror Cinemaagain to the generosity of Thomas Binder and his Black Lava Entertainment of sending me my very own copy. Naturally you can buy Lock The Doors at

Lock The Doors will become a 31 Days of Halloween tradition.


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