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Level Above Human

Title: Level Above Human
Director: Alex Poray
Writer(s): Alex Poray
Cast: Alex Poray, Donna Beeching, Mama Slayer, Reverend Blue and Richie Swell
Genre(s): Sci fi, Conspiracy, Horror
Release Date: 2016

Level Above Human (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaAlex Poray is a British filmmaker who brought us his debut, Slayers: Portrait Of A Dismembered Family (2014), last year. I loved it and highly recommend it for anyone into these films that we here at Extreme Horror Cinema love!


Naturally when Alex brought up the subject of his latest offering my ears perked up! Then, the time came. An opportunity to experience Alex’s latest and put the word out there on my own experience of…


Level Above Human (2016)


President Laine is desperate to get out of his latest political problems. A space weapon people don’t want and other internal issues within this corrupt government.


In threat of a visit by the Feds and the trouble it will cause he hatches a plan!


Fake an alien invasion of a trouble spot, Snake City…code named Level Above Human!


Hallucinogen Vision X, which manipulates a person’s perception of reality, is dispersed over Snake City. Creating an illusion of soldiers as aliens and helicopters UFOs, a corrupt sets out to create a hero with it’s troubled President.


Googie McKagan is caught in the middle of this nightmare. Can he escape or become a prisoner of a government trying to distract from the real issues!


Level Above Human (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaAlex’s new short film offering is a totally different animal to Slayers: Portrait Of A Dismembered Family! In stating this though dealing with the same subject matter. Of power and the control it can exert to keep beyond the law.


Level Above Human is a comic book that has been transmorphed into this 22 minute short. With use of the illustrations created by Alex and voiceovers we are taken on this journey on corruption and what people in power are capable when in desperation to keeping it.


Without the obvious cues within the story I got an instant feel of the influence from John Carpenter’s They Live (1988). But, in stating, this Alex created his own vision of what could be, or even, is.


I enjoyed my little excursion in conspiracy and one man’s crusade in freedom. I dug the influence from They Live and twists to the storyline. It related to stuff I contemplate on myself.


Level Above Human (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaAlex Poray is an awesome guy along with being a very talented filmmaker! First Slayers: Portrait Of A Dismembered Family, which can now be purchased here , and now Level Above Human! I look forwards to what Alex has in store for us next!


You can show support to Alex and Level Above Human and visit his Face Book page and hitting the LIKE here

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