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Le Prince Des Cieux

Title: Le Prince Des Cieux
Director: David Thouroude
Writer(s): David Thouroude
Cast: Abdou M'Bodji
Genre(s): Musical Tragedy, Arthouse, Short Film
Release Date: 2014




The haunted head, the solitude populated by bodies foreign to the hypnotic and stunning voices, wandering in the repetitive obsession of a deleterious past, an anti-hero was barricaded in the faith of a fantasized self: the Prince of Heaven. Worried or totally absent from the body he stakes, in search of vital substances to fight against the forces of death that assail him, while threatening to revolt or extinguish forever. A perpetual derangement for whom all manners are good to be neither of the world nor the fickle country that deny it, it destroys itself during singular rituals in an attempt to escape a jungle of imaginary and persecuting imaginary friends.

This hallucinated musical tragedy of a rebellious body that comes alive in a psychotic space saturated to trance, of a ruined body that loses itself to the rhythms of a poisoned blood beating under the irreversible stigma of the skin, testifies Of the illusion of going out when all that remains of life only nourishes what it bears worse.

Le Prince Des Cieux Official Synopsis

Le Prince Des Cieux escaped the mind of David Thouroude and distilled itself on footage in 2014 in France. DVD case art flashed across the screen and I was pulled inside to discover imagery I needed to know more about! Man with the corpse paint staring at me urging to find a way into his psychosis.

My name sake David noticed my interest and offered me a chance to experience his short film, his musical tragedy. He offered with all I had to do was to say something. Who was I to say no?

Soon a post pack from France arrived. Not blood soaked but a hint, maybe of the grave, or a musty place hidden within a secret place, a special space.

Le Prince Des Cieux is a voyage within an unstable mind. An abstract concept that will speak with different tongues to each of it’s viewers. But also with each experience as well. That is the power of the art abstract, it will take different people to differing places with each person’s differing perspectives.

For myself I felt this encroachment. Of industrial into the rural with it’s spreading like a cancer. Also later with the Catholic imagery. That life is flimsy and cheap. People die, people get raped while others offer up the scares of their abuse. Others stand out in a crowd invisible. Be it they aren’t part of the herd so unobserved or people just fear the oddity and create a mental blinder.

Mentioned to David before he gave me the honour of receiving a copy I loved the imagery. Of the corpse painted anti-hero, of the sculpture used throughout with certain scenes. Statue of Marry as Nun with what I perceived as a gunshot in her forehead. Then there was the scenes of creativity, of his art with photography and the abuse he puts it through to create the final perfect image. Bull mask. Especially walking through the cemetery plus this scene where he is about to finally succumb to the death of being. Then he throws it over a cliff into the ocean…the final act to signify death is nigh?

Le Prince Des Cieux is arthouse delving into the mind of lunacy. As mentioned people will take this at differing levels. Hell, my next visit will probably take me to places I haven’t been yet, aggregate notions in my head I didn’t know were there or whatever. Wonderfully shot with interesting imagery, certain aspects took my mind to the early work of Andrey Iskanov, but only certain elements of different segments. Abdou M’Bodji was perfectly cast as our man in his dying days of art and madness with destruction circulating in his heart. Film and art intermingle to take me into a movie that is hand made. Not for the gore freak but more for someone who wants to partake in disease and madness.

Thanks to filmmaker David Thouroude for sharing me a little slice of French Underground cinema. It shows the scene is like a cancer spread across the globe and that so many experiences can be found away from the mainstream and pop culture.





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