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Title: $kumbagz
Director: John Miller
Writer(s): John Miller
Cast: Krystal Pixie Adams, Joe Makowski, David A. Jackson, John Miller, Jules Sceiro, Bob Glazier...
Genre(s): Exploitation
Release Date: 2015
MPAA Rating: X

skumposterFrom out of nowhere John Sleazyscarsese Miller, one of the sleaze hounds behind The Sleaze Box and Icon Film Studios, asked if I would like to experience $kumbagz for Extreme Horror Cinema. Naturally I stated yes, otherwise this review wouldn’t exist. Having had the experience of watching Amerikan Holokaust plus having checked out the interview he did with the awesome guys over at Sadistic Cinema I had an idea of what I could expect. Sleazy exploitation!


Well I wasn’t wrong! What appeared onscreen was some pretty damned sleazy, deviate exploitation!


Stephanie’s parents think she is a loser; 25, living at home and working at a dead end job flipping burgers.


Her boss gives her the option of promotion…if she sucks him off while he wears his kinky underwear and she fucks him with a cucumber. Repulsed at this idea and the promise by him that he is loose and probably will shit everywhere she declines and is sacked.


On her way from the life of flipping patties and deviate proposals she is offered a lift. Being an older man what danger can she be in, he is a nice guy. Bringing her back to his unit her offers her to have a shower. While doing this he spikes her drink.


Soon Stephanie is drugged and a plaything for an old guy who fucks her and pimps her out to his elderly, deviate friends. Strangely enough a part of her likes the sex but not the abuse.


10497370_31844141831932skum07022063413_oAfter an incident she winds up with the old guys drug dealer and suddenly a sort of happiness working as a proper escort and making serious money. Partying and fun times follow until the local big time pimp finds out that she is working under his nose and doles out street justice to her and her pimp partner.


Soon revenge is the name of the game!






Yes to all five though the gore plays second fiddle to everything else. We get a dream sequence where her elderly pimp is the aftermath of giving her a backyard abortion. Eating the fetus while she is lying there naked; spread eagle, with gore in between her legs on the ground. There are other moments as well but in the end for $kumbagz it is the exploitation elements that are the focus.


Screen-Shot-2015-05-26-at-3.04.39-PMThankfully the guys had some girls here who were not afraid to go a bit farther in the name of exploitation cinema. Lesbian action; with pussy eating, finger fucking. None of it censored with camera angles or what have you.


There really was only one area that did not grab me. This is a scene where Stephanie and the pimp go to a party. Just felt it went far too drawn out. We get a lot of Rap music and these two strippers who don’t really strip though a heap of cash is being thrown at them. I guess not all the women were prepared to take it to the next level. But then it was more than that that took me out of the picture a bit. At the end of this though things get pretty damned explicit with the above mentioned lesbian mingling.


In the end $kumbagz becomes a story of making it in your own way. Of taking something you like, making it your own and pulling in the serious cash. Along the way we get exploitation and then rape revenge. For me the beginning is the strongest part; as firstly we get the scene with the boss then the old guys, these people are feral.


gunskumbags$kumbagz is a re-visit to when exploitation was sleazy and didn’t shy away from the filth. Not mind blowing by any means but for the most part kept me entertained for its running length. I do enjoy the exploitation and I can see the team at Icon Films do too! $kumbagz is now available and you can get this slice of exploitation filth here$KUM.html

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