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Title: Knifepoint
Director: Jed Strahm
Writer(s): Jed Strahm
Cast: Katherine Randolph, Krista Braun, Scott Elrod, Grant Reynolds, Kym Jackson, Andy Mackenzie, Bobby Ray Shafer, Lenora May, Andrew Hilyard, Chuck Borden, Brian Gross, Jaye Razor, Richard Tanne, Bru Muller, Said Bakouch, and R.A. Mihailoff
Genre(s): Home Invasion Horror
Release Date: 2011

Knifepoint (2011) Extreme Horror CinemaFilmmaker Jed Strahm had his debut with Snake Hunt: These Rattles Ain’t for Babies (2004), a documentary about a Rattlesnake round-up that included interviews with the participants along with a Herpetologist.


Between the release of his debut in 2004 till 2011 Jed was involved in a number of well known, more mainstream horror films. Ones that may stand out for readers were 2001 Maniacs (2005), Hostel (2005) and Hostel Part II (2007).


Then 2011 and Jed’s horror movie debut as writer and director, Knifepoint.


With a promise of a “…film had some of the sickest characters. Brutal rape scenes, stabbing madness. This one character, Rizzo, made me gag…” I needed to have my own experience! Unfortunately I am unable to partake in watching on as I eat vegemite i.e…live in Australia…so felt “hey, why not approach the team for an online screener!?!”. Naturally I did and some lovely person on the Knifepoint Face Book page replied and sent me a link.


Knifepoint (2011) Extreme Horror CinemaIt’s quiet in the house and but it’s not santa clause paying a visit!


A team of crooks have broken into a department block. Have raped murdered and pillaged their way with savage bloody glee they reach the final apartment.


Inside two sisters reside, Abbie and wheelchair bound Michele. Michele wakes to find a man standing over her who most certainly is not jolly. Abbie comes in just in time to save Michele from being raped. Unfortunately the other gang members soon arrive and a night of bloody torment erupts.


These guys don’t give a fuck about milk and cookies!


Merry Christmas motherfuckers!


Knifepoint (2011) Extreme Horror CinemaKnifepoint was a film I went in fairly blind. Seeing some words mentioned on it, the poster and trailer, I felt hell I wouldn’t mind checking this out. With the promise of a home invasion horror with sick, depraved characters, what’s to hold me back?


For the most part I was not disappointed. We get this group of ex-prisoners and the sister of the gang leader who are really menacing. Violent, sick and depraved they don’t mess a round. They are there for one thing and going to have some fun while going about it. To destroy and to profit. Pure prison mentality of fucking terrorising the weak!


Locking up the apartment block’s exit points they go through with their plan. Apart from one scene where we get an unlucky tenant get stabbed to death the storyline revolves around the last apartment and the sisters inside. Of their choices and of course the retribution handed back to them when the gang members get nasty. 


Knifepoint (2011) Extreme Horror CinemaTo be honest some of the sister’s choices were pretty stupid and jeopardised each other, then later, their family who comes to visit. But then you can argue this is a set up for some more nastiness, which in the first place is why we are watching Knifepoint after all. Home Invasion, exploitation, horror! Not a story of love and war or whatever. 


Rape is fairly brutal and depraved. A sense of menace towards the victim is felt. Then afterwards the strap on with knife comes out and we almost get a piece of Singapore Sling (1990) action. Later it comes out again for some oral torment. Though not extreme in a graphic sense of say Irreversible (2002) the rape scenes does the job to convey a sense of power over prey. 


We get some nice throat slashes, vicious stabbings and blade on digit torture. Effects work is very well done and the blood looks great. There are some gooey bits left on instruments that have penetrated, which in a way was icky!


Knifepoint (2011) Extreme Horror CinemaKnifepoint is straight up home invasion nastiness. Though not the most extreme it offers up what it promises. For a debut Jed Strahm did a good job. I dug the bad guys who had an aura of “I AM going to fuck you up!” An air of menace. Knife point is more than worthy to give a shot and you can do so by visiting the site here Thanks again for the opportunity for experiencing this tale of Home Invasion…dare I say…Jed!




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