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Kadaverficker The Movie

Title: Kadaverficker The Movie
Director: Alan Smittee
Writer(s): Goreminister
Cast: Goreminister, Corporal Cruel, Grandmoff Ghoul, Admiral Aids....
Genre(s): Nekrokore Action Documentary
Release Date: 2016


Kadaverficker The Movie (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


Kadaverficker The Movie ~ the very first ever Nekrokore Action Documentary!


It all starts in a basement in 1993 Dortmund, Germany. Young guys listening to Grindcore decide to create a demo tape for a Nuclear Blast Compilation CD and don’t look back!


Watch as the various band members come across time and space to take form in the Metal Underground.


Experience the path down to drunken debauchery as the lads take us through the various periods of Kadaverficker. From their roots in Grindcore and Black Metal to the formation of their own style, Nekrokore. Get a flavour of what they are about through interviews with fans, other bands and their ex-drummer. 


Kadaverficker The Movie (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


Kadaverficker The Movie a documentary on the band, yes you guessed it,  Kadaverficker! Yes to some of my fellow reviewers they really are a band. One that has been involved sonic wise with the German Underground Splatter scene. They have their discography on films from guys such as El Gore and El Excremento. Also they have a big fan with the man you either love or hate, Uwe Boll. Hell, even Lloyd Kaufman makes and appearance and shares his love for the band…then he explodes in CGI shittiness…but fuck when isn’t he in a doc on something from the underground indie scene.


Kadaverficker The Movie (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaHelming this dive into German Underground music is filmmaker Alan Smittee. Lead singer Goreminister wrote the script.


“…Alan Smithee (also Allen Smithee) is an official pseudonym used by film directors who wish to disown a project, coined in 1968…”


Depreciation is the name of the game here. Throughout the experience in mayhem that is Kadaverficker The Movie you get toilet brushed up the arse and menstrual blood poured over your face with this fact. Guys are creating what they want and honestly don’t give a fuck. In the end they know the fans will dig what is on offer!


Kadaverficker The Movie (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaFrom out of time and space came Goreminister, Corporal Cruel, Grandmoff Ghoul and Admiral Aids. Past disaster and conflict they were there in such crappy CGI glory. REALLY! The only time CGI is effective! Again it is just this fuck it attitude, have a few brews and create some shit to go with the story that is the birth and journey of Kadaverficker. Lets not forget Ralle aka Spermanavigator, the original drummer they got after an initial using of a drum programme. He of the Night of the Living Ralle Parts I, II, and III. Rally eventually left the band but remained a friend…hater…fan…Ralle.


Kadaverficker The Movie (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaKadaverficker was originally influenced by the bands Anal Cunt and 7 Minutes of Nausea. Thus some young guys back in 1993 decided to deform a band and spew forth upon the world their brand of Grindcore. Along with this sonic wall of vomit and pig calling Black Metal was an major influence as well. Creating a demo they sent it to have it on a Nuclear Blast Compilation CD…and are still waiting. Alas did Nuclear Blast receive said tape I guess we will never know…or just maybe they are arseholes and the music belched forth wasn’t hip enough. Doesn’t matter as all these years later Kadaverficker have travelled their own path, made their own music, awesome flyers, been in festivals, had their music on soundtracks of films I seriously love and now this belched out at the world…Kadaverficker The Movie.


10308190_715517681846470_4869899920786220561_nSince their formation back in 1993 Kadaverficker just kept doing their own thing not giving a single fuck! From the influence from the before mentioned Grind and Black Metal their style transmorphed into what they term Nekrokore. Their art is influenced by horror so thus it was only natural that their own little space within the Underground Metal scene should seep into the German Underground Splatter scene. To the point that director of Der Henker Part 1 & 2El Excremento has a small cameo.


Maybe my biggest negative for Kadaverficker The Movie is that it would have been great to see some gore. Especially considering their relationship with both El Excremento and El Gore. Even if some small snippets from the films. Not a great deal of the actual music is covered here either. BUT I felt what was fit into the whole dimension of what I felt they were after with the doco. On top of that the guys do share 10 songs in the special features which is cool.


Kadaverficker The Movie (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaJust saying would of been cool to have some cadaver fucking is all.


One last thing as I saw it commented. These guys aren’t comedians, they are band members goofing off and just having fun. So for me I saw it as this and enjoyed the kookiness. If you went in expecting perfect comedy timing you may be disappointed.


Kadaverficker The Movie (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaKadaverficker The Movie is not meant to be the next best thing since sliced bread for documentaries! It’s just to give a history and share the personality of the band Kadaverficker. Just a bunch of guys who love what they do; drink a brew or two…dozen…and have a good time. Watching Kadaverficker The Movie brought back some of my more decent memories of when I was young, dumb and drinking vast quantities of booze, listening to Metal and more than likely being retarded. Turn off the think box, have a brew and just chuck Kadaverficker The Movie on! This isn’t Spinal Tap this is real…except maybe each members travels in space and history…maybe.


Since the release of Kadaverficker the Movie Admiral Aids left the band and has been replaced by Major Maggotfeeder.


As always a massive thanks to founder and owner of Black Lava Entertainment Thomas Binder for sending me the screener. As always much appreciate, keep up the great job. Along with this a special mention to my friend Martin Kro and his work on the subtitles…you did a great job!


Snuff Tape Anthology (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


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Kadaverficker The Movie (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema





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