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Title: Insane
Director: Massimiliano Cerchi
Writer(s): Anthony Werley
Cast: Vincent Rivera, Marcella Rodriguez, Anthony Werley, Terry G. Reed and Greg Chandler Maness
Genre(s): Horror
Release Date: 2016

Insane (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaINSANE has a home within the confines of a million dollar home just purchased by an unknowing buyer.


INSANE grew from the death of above stated home’s original owner. Death via sledgehammer! By an escaped lunatic from the local Insane Asylum dressed as a clown.


INSANE visited again to the second owner. He snapped and massacred his family.


INSANE is kept hidden away from the public. Only upon the final signing of the sales paper things start slipping out in the open…murder, mayhem and insanity!


INSANE slowly seeps back into it’s home. Small steps lead to larger ones that become bloody by its conclusion!


INSANE is experienced the lense of its owners expensive video camera. Like any owner of a new expensive toy he wants to get the most out of it. We follow along as things come to a head. First finding out from the neighbour about the hidden history of his new home, to later when he makes some disturbing discoveries of his own. Of being visited by something dressed as a clown and armed with a sledgehammer. How everything starts to have an effect on him till the madness of previous events start to re-appear again.


INSANE is the long awaited new feature film experience from  veteran indie filmmaker Massimiliano Cerchi, otherwise known as Max or by me as Mass’. After a hiatus of 13 years from feature filmmaking we are getting three films in the coming year or so; INSANE, THE HOUSE OF EVIL and THE NIGHT SHIFT. Along with these horror experiences Mass’ has also worked on a science fiction TV series THE OMEGA FILE.




Insane (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaINSANE is just that, insanity. Insanity creeps in then by the end has totally taken over, made it’s home again if you will. Though death and mayhem pay a visit for the most part it is not gory or for the most part very bloody. But then that was never the focus of this experience that is INSANE!


Maybe it would have been nice to have some bloody mayhem in the mix. 


We had an opportunity with a number of characters in this INSANE experience for there to be more victims to a sledgehammer’s every blow! But in stating this, from what I felt from my experience with Mass’ film, that wasn’t meant to be the focus. 


So alas it was just what would have been nice from the eyes of somebody who digs carnage.


Yes, this is a POV experience. What sets it apart is the absence of ridicules amounts of shaking camera retardness. Actually, there was one segment of this BUT that was for a reason…you try holding a camera steady when you are fleeing in terror! What we get is a man and his new toy just filming and putting effort into it. I am not the number one fan of this genre but do like it when it is done properly. Have to state here, as it has been brought up elsewhere, INSANE is not a cheap rip-off of that pile of shit Paranormal Activity!


Am I bad for stating that? Well fuck, it is my review and point of perspective! 


Atmosphere, aplenty!


Moving into this new home that is massive. Knowing something has happened.


My last job involved being in empty buildings. Walking around, never knowing what was beyond the next corner! Experiences re-appeared upon the screen! INSANE’s setting held a lot of promise for the unknown. Especially the pool house with its downstairs shower and pump room with it’s moldy, water damaged walls. Here the real beginning of the end starts and its perfect!


INSANE clown anyone!


Insane (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaWell, a dark, evil diabolic entity that has taken on the form of the original INSANE man who came visiting the original owner and smashing his head in with a sledgehammer while dressed as a clown. 


Some of his moments are awesome! Especially when he really gets into our main character’s life. INSANE moments are to be had. Won’t delve anymore here has I don’t want to spoil the second half of Mass’ film. Also dug how he looks as well, evil but happy in his own INSANE clown way….happy to smash your head in!


INSANE comes to a disturbing conclusion with its last shot! Got a “what the fuck” reaction from me anyway!


INSANE is an experience more along the lines of a psychological horror for the most part. Elements come together and are developed till we get the pay-off in the second half. Then our clown comes visiting and sanity leaves by the side exit!


Insane-Movie-1-450x288Success in Mass’ venture comes for me with this build-up, of adventures in a new home that is quite large and holds a bloody history. Of my eye looking at for what could happen next, becoming a part of this experience. Though I would have dug a lot of bloody, gore insane clown mayhem this did not effect my final judgement of what I just saw. So, as always, thanks to my friend Mass’ for allowing me this INSANE experience!


INSANE will be released through SGL Entertainment Releasing on 10/11/16 on both DVD and Blu-ray.



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