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In Memory Of

At a time when things in the indie horror world seem to have taken a bit of a backseat with divisive politics constantly dominating all forms of social media and the internet in general, finding a good low budget horror film to break through that cloud of anger and anxiety in today’s world seems like something that’s needed now more than ever. Thankfully, the new film from Eric Stanze and Wicked Pixel seems like the perfect candidate to fit that bill.

In Memory Of is a surrealist head trip that echoes Eric’s early cult classic Ice from the Sun in many ways. The story follows Amber (Jackie Kelly) as she tries to find the source of an ongoing surreal nightmare that starts with her participation in a bizarre experiment that ends in a bloodbath and proceeds with a cross country trip that brings clues to the origins of the horror along the way. Ratline’s Jason Christ plays the malevolent being who appears to be pulling all the strings. Amber tries to track him down in order to find the answers to her troubling childhood memories and end her ghastly hallucinogenic experiences.

With In Memory Of, Stanze has created what is easily his most surreal and experimental feature since Ice from the Sun. It maintains the Wicked Pixel tradition of gory and brutal violence as previously seen in Ratline and others along with the sex, T&A and sleaze, keeps the familiar Wicked Pixel faces such as Jason Christ, Emily Haack, DJ Vivona and Gus Stevenson, and brings in some new talent with Jackie Kelly in the lead role and the participation of underground goremeister Adam Ahlbrandt (director of Cross Bearer and The Cemetery) and sexy underground scream queen Haley Jay Madison (from Headless, Chopping Block, and others). Kelly gives a fine performance and I look forward to seeing her in more indie horror features.

Stanze’s new film is perhaps the much needed kick in the behind that underground horror needs at this moment in time. I hope it’s the film that gets us back to loving and discussing what us gore fans were put on this earth for.

As with previous Wicked Pixel releases, the Blu-Ray of In Memory Of contains numerous special features including a director’s commentary, a cast commentary, a featurette on the film’s music score, deleted scenes with optional director’s commentary and trailer. The second disc in this 2-disc release contains a feature length behind-the-scenes documentary entitled Thought Process: The Making of In Memory Of. A very well done release well worth the price of $25.95.

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