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House of Whores

Title: House of Whores
Director: Tom Komisar, Daniel Murphy and Paul Arnone
Writer(s): Tom Komisar and Daniel Murphy
Cast: Tom Komisar, Daniel Murphy, Paul Arnone, Nurse Hatchet, RJ Cecott, Linda Schrader, Lindsey Mcintire, Cai Vane
Genre(s): Home Invasion Horror
Release Date: 2015

House of Whores (2015) came to my awareness on the most unlikely place for depraved experiencing, on Face Book. Their page is titled House of Censored , the name states a lot!

11159918_352730918271126_5138993940779193717_oUpon reading fellow EHC reviewer Pete Elliot’s scratchings on this I needed to experience the insanity for myself.

Approaching House of Whores I requested a peak at the delights promised by filmmakers Tom Komisar, Daniel Murphy and Paul Arnone of HM&M Films. Daniel got back to me and stated def I can have a link! I was warned to clear my mind for this shit and that it was an acquired taste!

Oh boy, was I in for a sick, depraved time…no clowning about!

11219471_357788154432069_7860305564432354372_oTrevor just wants to make some filthy depraved porn with three amateur ‘actresses’ who replied to an advert. Ashley, Rachel and Kayla get interviewed before getting into what they are there for. Well, what Trevor wants them there for anyway; lesbian action, fisting and fucking!

Having interviewed his three actresses and about to get to the fruit of the matter there is a knock at the door. Pissed off at this disturbance he answers the door to a night of horror, madness and mayhem.

Insanity in the form of three clowns has arrived for a night of fun!

10496985_362137667330451_8986531332420032019_oSlasho, Shago and Smasho have entered the building to make their own very special film experience!

With a beginning, interlude and ending with Nurse Hatchet covered in blood and surrounded by gore. She warns of the delights to be had within and that the easily squeamish need not continue.

If a video rental had a category labelled Gore Sickness Filth Insanity Depravity House of Whores would be found here!

After discovering Trevor wasn’t fibbing he gets the cheese of his horn grated!

11178285_349986565212228_5333231834912122729_nWhat the fuck is THAT! Pops out the bloody tampon and feeds it to Kayla, who just turned out was on her rags! Then makes Rachel go down and get a face full of menstrual blood. Rachel then gets her ass cleaned out and finally, drilled, with an electric drill. Finally Ashley gets fucked with an electric saw.

Though some of the nastiness is hidden everything works out very nicely indeed!

Nurse Hatchet is covered in blood and masked. Sliding her hands all over her body she looks hot amongst the body parts hanging from the ceiling and the mangled corpse in the background.

11071007_354648941412657_2134456064914737014_nHouse of Whores plays as an insane edit of what was original meant to be straight up porn. Slasho, Shago and Smasho have taken over filming and create their own interpretation of what is titilating! Home invasion filmed and made even more insane with the adding of circus music, psychedelic imagery, subtitles in certain areas and other psychotic clowning about!

At the end I felt I experienced this insane TV show. Being 50 minutes it is about the right duration of time. I could imagine sitting down each week for a slice of fucked up experiences in the adventures of Slasho, Shago and Smasho!

10835113_356639797880238_5407423211107784708_oNo clowning around House of Whores is a nice depraved piece of Underground filmmaking. Though not extreme in the gore department there is enough here to keep most sickfucks happy. Plenty of filth and this dark comedic experience you would expect when three clowns take over. Not for everyone but then, I am not everyone and loved it! I for one will be grabbing a copy when the time comes for the release. In time House of Whores will be available at HM&M Films  

11179955_350683035142581_2099500685226224165_nDaniel, Tom, Paul and …and how can I not mention the gore-geous Nurse Hatechet…are sickfucks with a load of talent with whom I for one will be keeping an eye on!

Thanks Dan for sharing this sick flick with me, I have an acquired taste for this shit so gimme more! 

To be continued…

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