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Title: Homewrecked
Director: Michael S. Rodriguez
Writer(s): Michael S. Rodriguez
Cast: Jim VanBebber, Tim Quill, Sebrina Scott, JJ Beasley, Dale Miller, Meghan Chadeayne, Alyday Raguindin
Genre(s): Home Invasion Horror
Release Date: 2016

Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

Michael S. Rodriquez‘s Homewrecked is an experience a long time in the waiting. In that I have truly been look forwards to! What a promise. Home invasion from a guy with a load of passion for cinema. His earlier short film exploits with Night of the Sea Monkey and Lamb Feed demonstrated his passion for horror from the 70s and 80s.


On top of this another reason to be seriously excited! Especially for us who love underground cinema. Some guy called Jim VanBebber was set to star as Rick, the war vet who was balancing on a ever thinning tight rope and ripe for falling into an abyss of insanity. If you don’t know VanBebber, he made some movie could Deadbeat At Dawn (1988), The Manson Family (2003) along with a host of pretty fucking awesome short films and music videos. Also, he has lent his acting talent to some pretty amazing looking indie / underground films.


Happy family dinner is about to get Homewrecked…


Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaDinner in the name of celabration gets interrupted by a knock at the door and desperate pleads.


Once inside three invaders terrorize the inhabitants. Desperate and high on Ice they don’t give a fuck.


Unfortunately for them things don’t go quite to plan. Shit hits the fan and the walls get sprayed with blood!


Happy news time brings together a wife, her husband and father. She is pregnant and it is time for celebration.


Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaLittle do they now outside await three addicts desperate for money. No money and Monday comes the leader is going to suffer the consequences of getting his eyes carved out. More than likely other stuff much much worse too. Plans almost get cut short with the unsuspected arrival of the father but no, it is full steam ahead. bank manager equals being loaded! She is a bitch and a cunt which makes her a red flag to these ice addicts to go on in and fuck shit up!


But there is more to the scene than they are expecting!


Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaRick is a vet from a recent undisclosed war! Jobs are not kept for long; issues with authority figures, anger issues and a hints of an alcohol problem. Then there are the flash backs. Of in a hospital bed covered in blood, wires and screaming in agony. Rick is a ticking bomb ready for the right button to be pushed to explode.


Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaHe has lost another job. His father in law finds out and tries to talk sense into him. of “67 and the “nam and how bad it was for him. Tale of killing a young girl as a green recruit on his first tour. Of the protests on the return home and cat calls of baby killer. Moral being of “Move forward and keep living!”.


“I’m ok your not!”


Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaKnock at the door, and the pleads of a woman to be let inside leads to a taser in the back for Rick. He is forced to a suspected gun safe while his wife and father in law are restrained. Things start going to shit when the leader of the gang decides he wants more then just money. He is told their intended victim is pregnant, which only excites him farther. Meanwhile the two men are having their own troubles. Talk of issues faced by the veterans starts to bubble up and they fight back with differing results.


Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaHomewrecked was worth waiting so long for. Such a worthy shortfall for this home invasion horror film. Horror coming from the percolation of two separate forces coming together. That of the desperation of drug addicts wanting to keep their high and keep on living. Other being a man on the edge of sanity after his painful experiences in war.  This leads to a bloody clash and a concussion clouded in insanity!


Make-up FX artist Zach Elston is not afraid to use blood to paint this town red! Nice gun shot wounds with the use of squids and no bullshit CGI. One of the women gets her ear bitten off. Drug fuck gets a knife up his throat and into his head!


Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaHome invasion films should be violent and thus Homewrecked hit the mark here! Just see the above, there is no need to state more! Glad Michael doesn’t shy from things!


Tension is built from the get go through the actions on screen along with dare I say the perfect score from Hayden Blades. Like a heart beat when the shit goes down the beats go up and bam in ya face!


Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaHomewrecked (2016) dragged my eyeballs to the screen for its 00:20:13 runtime. Combination of great characters drawn from a group of very talented actors, the drama / action unfolding and the awesome score created this feeling of my heart being in my throat the whole time. Michael has a load of passion for the films of the 70s/80s and it shows with each short film he has brought to us so far. For me he improves with each experience! For me Homewrecked was perfect, I am a fan of these films and not a critique thus could find no fault with my experience.


Michael S. Rodriquez is a talent I will most certainly keep an eye on, you should too!


Homewrecked (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


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