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Title: Headless
Director: Arthur Cullipher
Writer(s): Nathan Erdel & Todd Rigney
Cast: Shane Beasley, Kelsey Carlisle, Ellie Church, Dave Parker, Kaden Miller, Jennifer Lee, Haley Madison, Brian Williams, Matt Keeley, Emily McGee, Jessica Schroeder, Olivia Arnold
Genre(s): Horror
Release Date: 28th February 2015

10452343_822154401128612_8387128902006890115_nHeadless IS something special!

An instant cult classic!

Here lies a film that raises the level VERY HIGH for all underground / indie filmmakers out there! For both 2015 and the years to come!

A weird way to start a movie review but I needed to drum that into the reader’s heads! If you haven’t experienced Headless yet believe the hype!

Everyone should know about Found. If you don’t and you love Underground / Indie horror what rock have you been hiding under? Just joking; but if you haven’t found Found yet do yourselves a favour and check it out!

Marty discovers his equally horror obsessed older brother Steve is a serial killer.

His modus-operandi?

Taking the sick kills from his favourite VHS tape and applying them to his own deeds! This film is Headless.

Due to the popularity of the lost VHS film within a film it was only natural that Headless would be made.

Headless is the debut feature film for Arthur Cullipher as director. Before this he directed two shorts; segment Come On Down in anthology film Psycho Street (2011) and Come (2009). Along with this Mr Cullipher has done effects on a number of films. One of them being Scott Schirmer’s Found.

So it was only natural he should be at the helm for Headless.

As mentioned earlier Headless is based on a fictional late 70s slasher film that Marty’s brother Steve had stolen from a video rental in Found.

2lnhlb5A skeleton masked killer is on the prowl for victims!

He has a taste for murder, necrophilia and cannibalism with a slice of torture on the side!

His fetish?

He loves to skullfuck the decapitated heads of his victims!

Guided by Skull Boy, he sets out on his hunts of blood and gore debauchery!


Instant cult classic!

Headless for me was a flawless experience in horror! Looking back on it I cannot fault any aspect of Arthur Calliper’s film at all! He set out to create a vision of 1978 slasher horror and succeeded in spades. A well acted, scored and visual masterpiece!


10827990_949422161735168_8989766550296017948_oYes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Look in the dictionary under each word and Headless will be its definition!

One of the taglines for the film is UNEARTHED, UNCENSORED, UNLEASHED…The most shocking film you’ve never seen!

So true!


Flawless, it is amazing! Amputations and decapitations! Oh, and poor old Dave Parker’s demise! Talk about sacrifice for creativity! But really the effects were THAT good! Go experience Headless and you will know what I am being cryptic about.


Skull fucking! Eye plucking! Bathing in the blood of his freshly killed victims!


10960238_946448098699241_881385138610617629_oOur killer has his imaginary friend, Skull Boy. After being locked up in his cage as a young boy his friend first appeared. Skull Boy becomes the killer’s guide for when it is time to create mayhem.

There are visions of trees with eyes. Along with this when he fucks his victim’s he visualizes his sister faceless except for her mouth and naked. Looks insane! In all honesty all of his acts can fall under the moniker of…insanity!


Jars of his victim’s heads preserved! A pit of his victims; both male and female, corpses naked and left to rot! It is just mud blood, gore, corpses and mud!


A backstory of cruelty!

His mother blames his birth for why his father left. Hence he is kept in a cage. His mother and older sister constantly verbally and physically abuse him. Makes him watch as they kill a pet rabbit. Chops off its head; letting the blood dribble all over his face, before feeding it to him. His sister goes one better and squats over his cage and urinates on his face…he drinks it!

Arthur Cullipher’s Headless (2015) deserves all the praise it has already gotten and no doubt will get. Here is a film I helped fund through Indiegogo that fulfilled its promise. 10995536_526153137524445_3654003326436205272_nEach of its components worked flawlessly; from the acting, scenes of horror, naturally the effects and score! Here is a film that sets the stakes high for Underground horror in 2015!

Without Faces, We Are Free.

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