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Title: Gorotica
Director: Hugh Gallagher
Writer(s): Hugh Gallagher
Cast: Ghetty Chasun, Dingo Jones, Bushrude Gutterman, Brady Debussey....
Genre(s): Necrophilia, SOV, Horror
Release Date: 1993

Gorotica originally was written as part of a thread in Underground Horror Films Forum. As it IS a review / chat about Gorotica I, splat, felt it was better suited here in it’s obvious home for such things. Off the top of my head I believe this was written way back in 2013. Upon re-watching this wonderful SOV my feelings still stand!

Exciting news was when SRS re-released this along awaited title for fans of underground film and extreme cinema…

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Gorotica starts of with visions of suicide and death. Visions that are flashing on a TV screen while a young woman, Carrie, looks on. She gets visibly aroused, pulls up her top and her pants down and masturbates. Reaching under her bed she reaches for a human skull to assist her in her necrophilic pleasures.

In the mean time two punks, Neil and Max, go out to perform a robbery to steal a large diamond. On doing so Max swallows the diamond for safe keeping and they make a get away. Unfortunately a police officer shoots Max and he dies shortly after.

Neil goes to a cemetery with his dead friend. Meantime Carrie rocks up with plans on stealing a corpse for for her carnal pleasures and then to sell it to a friend. She spots Neil’s car and goes over. After introducing herself she spots Max’s corpse and gets an idea in her head. Inviting them back to her pad she says she will deal with the body, and she certainly does…

Gorotica is a short film at 1:00:13 by the film maker Hugh Gallagher. Some of his other films are Gorgasm (1990), Gore Whore (1994) and Exploding Angel (1995). He has also produced a number of films as well up to 1999. Footage is raw, dark and dingy looking…a real UG feel to it for a lack of a better word. To go with this we get a industrial/noise soundtrack to go with the visuals which I found to fit quite well.

I liked the scenes at the beginning of the pictures of death and suicide, with the woman mentally getting off on it before succumbing to her urges and getting off on it. Also of the cemetery and the rougher side of town. Some of the film put me in mind of Combat Shock with a sense of doom….for a lack of a better word at this time of night. Unfortunately there was no trailer to share so you could get an idea of what I am talking about.

Due to the main theme of this film, necrophilia, I doubt many people here will really get into this even with the other theme…that of a armed robbery and the crooks holing up and trying to obtain their money. Personally I really liked the whole film myself and would recommend it to others I know with similar tastes.



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