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Title: Flowers
Director: Phil Stevens
Writer(s): Phil Stevens
Cast: Anastasia Blue, Krystle Fitch, Makaria Tsapatoris, Tanya Paoli, Kara A. Christiansen, Colette Mckenna, Bryant W Lohr Snr
Genre(s): Arthouse Horror
Release Date: 2015

11050724_687370718052654_1387635682402421193_nFlowers, for this reviewer, will become a classic movie from the Underground scene in years to come! A strong statement I know but one I stand by!

On the discovery of the Flowers thread here at Extreme Horror Cinema I knew here was something special!

Flowers writer / director / producer Phil Stevens and I got to chatting. In time I would get the opportunity to experience Flowers for myself and then to review it to share my experience.

Obviously that time did arrive and to me surprise and deepest appreciation he sent a copy of the Flowers DVD out to me.

Arriving at my doorstep I opened the package to gaze upon the terrific artwork of Joe Meredith. I was truly excited!

So after a wait that began in the beginning of October 2013 here is my experience of….


411581846307bb8d9bf8ada00a4ff291A dark horrific journey of discovery and realisation begins in the recess under the house of a depraved serial killer with a penchant for necrophilia.

Traveling through the dark spaces under the floors, a bathroom covered in filth and a marker, those spaces between the walls, a room that reveals a reflection of the self and up the stairs to an enlightenment of sorts and freedom!

Six dead women discover clues. Witness past atrocities. Find self-realisation to finally make their way out of this purgatory.

f30cddc1769f9f25b4146e4ea572ffe8Flowers in a way, is an anthology.

Tales told from different levels of realisation and discovery that lead up to a stairway to heaven of sorts.

A film with no dialogue, the actors portray their characters through body language and the expressions on their faces.

Environment tells a tale as well. Of this sickness, that washes over the house of doom and dark deeds.

~ Gore. Sickness. Insanity. Filth. Depravity. ~

6bc4d2dba86a4aee0d431425466065f7Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Flowers; is a journey that takes us through gore, sickness, insanity, filth and depravity due to this serial killer with a penchant for necrophilia.

Our giant of a man jerks off with the gore of a victim to get hard. Opening her legs he fucks her corpse. All this time her stomach and intestines are hanging out all over her tummy.

This killer has an audience, a group of suit and tie types watch on from a TV screen…in his head. In reality all the TV gives off is static!

Journey through a filth encrusted house. Blood soaked mud of beneath the floorboards. Discarded playthings lay everywhere. Bodies at different levels of decay! Some corpses are fresh and still juicy. While others are in a dried up, mummified state.

Obviously this killer has been on the hunt for a long time!

a16eaeca6e9e844280ad45aa05ede491A feast that goes to the maggots!

Realisation can unleash some terrible memories!

Flowers final scene is surreal as a hunger has been sated!

Anastasia Blue with Krystle Fitch, along with staring in Flowers did an amazing job with the special effects and make-up! As mentioned in the above, everything felt organic and when it came to it, squishy! Naturally that dried out feel as well for the older corpses, mummified!

2825449d3a0cef8a1628e4c0b734c0f9Phil Stevens got together a great team of ladies to portray the spirits making their way towards realization. Each plays their role in their own unique ways. There are no stale points that disturb this ride on the dark side!

Bryant W Lohr Sr. plays the part of the serial killer with amazing physical presence! Be it his feeding his fetish to how he came about these ladies in the first place! Bryant was just as perfectly cast as each of the female roles.

Lastly, the score is one of the best I have experienced in an Underground film. It fits into the whole experience perfectly!



Quite possibly one of the biggest contenders for best film from the Underground for 2015 for me! An experience that just got better and better with each viewing!

At the least it will be in my top ten and a hard one to beat.

b0262d04884f673dacae2801243f4f76Gave this viewer a pleasurable experience. From the opening minute I got THAT feeling! My first time was at midnight and I was tired but enough to sleep. Watching this was like a cup of strong black Turkish coffee for me! So yes, I see Flowers as one of the classics of Underground filmmaking in years to come.

Flowers IS dark, arthouse horror done extremely well!

Don’t remorse if you have not experienced Flowers yet as Stephen Biro thought enough of this film he wanted to release it through Unearthed Films and is!

Again, a MASSIVE thanks to Phil Stevens for sending me the DVD!

Very much appreciated and will be treasured!

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