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Flesh of the Void

Flesh of the Void is a terribly disturbing experimental horror feature visualizing what it could feel like if death truly were the most horrible thing one could ever experience. Shot entirely on Super 8 and 16mm, it is intended as a trip through the deepest fears of human beings, exploring its subject in a highly grotesque, violent and extreme manner.

Sodom &  Chimera Productions


Flesh of the Void Plays out like a warped dreamscape full of nightmares and disturbing beauty intertwined! Visions of torment that will get under the skin of the viewer.

An eclectic tale of gore, sickness, filth, insanity and depravity told through six parts.

Flesh of the Void starts poetically with a spirit’s description of leaving it’s body. Whispering in an ethereal tone it describes looking back at it’s body on the way to blackness and beyond…

Prologue (Silence) Darkness to a washed out world of deepest black to hazed light. Christian iconography pans across the screen. Factories bellowing acrid smoke. Skies grey…everything…grey. Abandoned housing projects. Railway lines. Words scratched across black film describes this existence of grey desolation! Figures appear, to just disappear…

Perhaps the signs of factories spewing it’s pollution, grey skies, empty abandoned buildings are the sign of our abandoning nature and life for downward path to destruction of life on Earth. Symbolic of a man’s spirit abandoning it’s dying body{?}.

This is the beginning of the beginning…everything dulls out to blackness…

Act I (war) {Why} Blank mask figure peers on…first as a face in the gloom then as a figure. Boy pleads for his daddy not to hurt him, he wants his mom. Teddy looks on sightless, it has no eyes to see. Penis torture with pins stick in the head then removed. Hooded as if a monk…Wolfman…Door opens and a hand appears creepily…Composite of a church steeple…upside down…upside down cross…baby lost, a mother’s pleads of loss and frustrated anger ends the act…

As in the prologue (war) begins with a barrage of descriptive words of the spirit seeing a figure of a man…woman…a figure. As if the spirit doesn’t want to leave the body just yet but at the same time it doesn’t recognise it. War is dealing with memories that death brings to the fore. Molestation, torment and suffering. Maybe the mother’s true sadness and anguish is the knowledge that innocence has been taken away.

Act II (Blood) A man paints lipstick on the face of a woman’s head. Figure appears from a hollow in a wall..a spider creeps and crawl across a wall…More pleads…a baby in a crib, bloody and decapitated, a bloody wood saw on a table…blood and guts on the ground…figure in robes with the skull head of some animal wanders monk like…it stands watching on armed with a club…christian iconography bastardised…bloody clock on the ground, time has stopped…man in a gas mask peers on armed with bloody saw…two men on a couch, ass head and wolf head…man with bag over head and another with a mask. Mask man handles mans crotch before shoving I’m over, getting himself hard and raping bag head in the arse! He pulls out and makes himself cum while the victim crawls away…blood dribbles on the ground from a decapitated head…masked man makes himself puke, he regurgitates fingers…dead goat lies o the road with al it’s innards sprayed out everywhere…Masked man sits down with a box, inside a cock, he eats it, he fucks a face without a head…disabled man in wheelchair, like a dog the hooded man now shirtless comes up to him and starts licking his stump, then pulls out his cock and starts giving the wheelchair bond man a blowjob. It is unwanted, he is even shoved back just to return and continue…

Innocence and the hopeless being forced upon. Attention being forced upon a helpless figure. Headless woman having lipstick painted on her mouth, the headless baby, the face being fucked, man raped in the arse or the handicapped wheelchair bond man with the perceived pleasure but most unwanted. Ferruling into total lack of perceived control. Spirit falling into a greyness of torment due too safeguard to grab back control.

Interlude (Agony) Woman sits in a chair, on a log first appearing lost. The later she is examining an object while her daughter goes into the forest…Girl then appears with a tube coming out of her nose due to some illness. She is met up with a masked woman in a shroud…Woman in mask appears to be a witch and is moving around as if performing a ritual of some sort…girl is on the ground in a seizure with foam coming out of her mouth. Her mother discovers her and tries to help. A man watches on…a male figure is tied to the ground blindfolded writhing in agony, he had no skin on his face…

Agony in the knowledge that there is no hope, that al is helpless. Free falling with with no safety net. Help is not at hand!

Act III (Ecstasy) Mummified animals hold each other…another appears from the roots of a tree…foliage lies another…man in a gas mask stand peering from behind a tree…catholic priest in mask and robes walks through the forest. He finds a place to sit, pulls out a picture of a very young boy and proceeds to masturbate…woman wrapped in bandages licks a lightbulb, the rapist drinks tea, hooded man stands on…a Nun with her face in corpse paint and black across her eyes fucks herself with a crucifix until she bleeds, cums…topless woman, faced wrapped in bandages walks through a foggy night in the woods armed with a scythe. She looks to the camera and faces it, she wears a cross. Holding it upside down she proceeds to suck it like a cock…wolfman enters a ramshackle room where he meets gas mask man and sits on a seat. Tied up with masking tape he is unmasked and hooded. Gas mask man then pulls out a knife to repeatedly stab him in the stomach then in the throat. Blood spills and he is shoved over and dragged off  into a room and the door closed…

Blasphemy as ecstasy! Nothing is sacred! Man gives himself to the perhaps necrophile passions of another. His body is not a sacred shroud but of something to be used, to be penetrated!

Epilogue (Void) Heavenly like clouds float over a forest and a lone house…film is suddenly flash backed then bubbled from heat damage…a lone figure sits on a bench peering away into the countryside…

Does everything happen to be in the end nothing? Do we die to just be dead. Or do we just appear on into a vast emptiness? Flesh of the Void has a lot to ponder. Meanings and rituals of thought to be had by the viewer. Film can be enjoyed as what it is, a work of creativity, or deeper meanings can be brought forth for self reflection and philosophical contemplation. Meditation of what if and what could be. Blasphemy encroaches from time to time to shake up the viewer by desecrating what may just be held sacred.

These are just mutterings of what was perceived with what was happening as I spied on! Maybe I’m totally offbeat or just maybe these ideas are fruit for thought. These are just my experiences put to words at this given time. I’m sure with future watches I may come back here and go “what the fuck, Splat!?!”

Gracing the screen is more than just another movie produced, edited, uploaded to be downloaded through our eyes!

Shot on Super 8 film…scratched…disfigured…molested! Like what some of the figures intertwined in this experience go through. Everything is awash with decay…grey…black…nightmarish celluloid!

James Bell…special effects meister of the brilliant films coming out of Very Fine Crap Videos…plies his gory art to goresome effect! His style and artistic touch is perfect for the experiences James Quinn created!

Sonically Flesh of the Void was right down my track! Stuff that reverberates with what I am after within my own short experiences I have created…and will be creating in the near future. So obviously found James’ style of sonic atmosphere appealing! Mechanic sounds, horns, chanting, no mortally musical underscore in the traditional sense.

Flesh of the Void is James Quinn’s highly imaginative debut into the realms of feature film making. Creating an experience that will either enthral, unsettle or deeply upset. Quinn proves here that he is a filmmaker to keep close eye on. With this years The Beauty of That Which Is Fucking Ugly he will show us what else he can bring forth out of the dark depths of his cranium! Truly look forwards to what he has coming for us lovers of Underground extreme horror cinema.






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