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Feed The Black

Title: Feed The Black
Director: Klayton Dean
Writer(s): Klayton Dean
Cast: Tom Driver, Mog Wilde, Rhys Evans
Genre(s): Horror
Release Date: June 6, 2016

While dealing with the loss of her mother, a young woman is torn between two worlds – one of good and one of evil. As her unattached state of mind weakens, she turns to drugs and during an overdose, hallucinates to the recollection of her past. Before death, she is faced with her final judgement. For the better of mankind, she will have to make a choice. Her choice, a predetermined path to darkness.


The film opens with a black screen. The narrator gives you instructions on how to prepare to view this film. I did not know anything about the movie so this was extremely creepy and heightened my excitement to see what was going to happen next. This introduction was truly amazing, I did everything the narrator asked of me and with the imagination that I have I became one with the film.

We enter a graveyard where a young woman is mourning the death of her mother, eventually realizing this woman is an addict. We follow her on an overdosed journey of beautifully disturbing visuals enhanced by a loud, power electric score that brings you to your knees; the violins are insane! The composer Manatu was a perfect pick for this film. Most of the scenes played out like a Gothic fantasy and I always felt an evil presence watching in the shadows. Chilling to say the least.

The film is only 31 minutes long and an impressionistic Art Horror film . The dialog is scarce, the visions are dark and giving an impression of melancholy. Klayton Dean clearly has talent that exceeded the budget he was given and has created a masterpiece with it. Here is some links to stream or buy the film. I feel this is a must own for any indie film connoisseur.






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  1. woodenheart says:

    WTF, my first ever review …be kind. Buy this film! It’s amazing…..

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