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Expressway To Your Skull

Title: Expressway To Your Skull
Director: Michael Okum
Writer(s): Michael Okum
Cast: Paul S. Tracey, Lindsay Atwood, Mark Aaron, Katie Royer....
Genre(s): Psychedelic Backwoods Horror
Release Date: 11/03/15

Expressway To Your SkullExpressway To Your Skull (2015) is the feature length debut of writer / director Michael Okum, founder and director of Mad Wolf Productions.


Michael started out his filmmaking career with three short films. Starting off with The Ballad of Will and April in 2006, he went on to do Feathers (2008) then Terminal (2010). He has also worked on a number of other people’s films in various roles.


After a drug deal rip-off Eddie and Amy leave town for a camping trip.


Once in the countryside they set up camp.


Wandering the countryside , swimming at a waterhole, they just chill, smoke weed and partake in some schrooms


But, soon things go astray, when Charlie wanders into camp their first night!


Charlie is after a new wife and not anyone will do!


Expressway To Your Skull is a drug-fuelled backwoods, Psychodelec horror with occult overtones!


Expressway To Your SkullWe get a feel for the insanity that is Charlie straight away when he picks up a Cindy. A street walker, she assumes he is picking her up for a good time. But, in a pretext to getting his cock blown, Charlie handcuffs and knocks her out.


Charlie is after the re-incarnation of his wife.


Is Cindy the one?


Unfortunately she doesn’t fit the so alas she is not.


Cindy ends up with getting her tongue cut out and becoming a human sacrifice in some sort of occult / pagan ritual.


Expressway To Your SkullUnfortunately for Amy, when Charlie wandered into camp he spied that she was the spitting image of his wife.


But! Then just maybe it isn’t re-incarnation but just women who look a certain way. If they don’t fit into this dress Charlie has though he knocks them off.


Dug the chemistry between our two leads, Eddie and Amy! They felt like a real couple in their interactions.


Expressway To Your SkullObviously, from what I have already stated, I dug Charlie as well. Charlie reminded me of this American guy I met last year when he was on holidays with his wife. He was a student of Andy Warhole’s in San Francisco back in the day. Naturally he is an artist. Invokes religious and spiritual influences in his art that takes the form of intricate drawings. Delves into government conspiracies such as chem trails and what have you. Each year he would drive out into the desert to create and partake.


Watching Charlie he had the same vibe, which was awesome to see!


Beautifully shot with some wonderful scenery. Once the scrooms are partaken editing in the screen shots and whathave you are used to create the feeling of being on a trip. Nothing over the top but effective!


As for death and blood splattered mayhem.


Expressway To Your SkullWe get Cindy getting her tongue cut out along with her sacrifice. An elderly couple then wander into camp and witness the aftermath so naturally Charlie does them away as well. Nothing here is extreme and graphic but for this film fits in perfectly.


Just maybe we could have had more backwoods slaughter.


There was an opportunity in this with a couple of bit characters. Eddie and Amy are on the side of the ride and these two guys show up and be dicks. One of these guys by the way was Michael Okum, the director. To me this is always great to see a filmmaker in their very own creation! They then drive off and that is it. I seriously thought they may return later to get their just desserts.


But, alas, this is Michael’s film and thus has his reasons. But still, this would have been great!


Special Effects Make-up artist Tommy Pietch did a great job with the small bit of bloody effects we get to experience.


Funding was through Kickstarter thus to a point Expressway To Your Skull was a fairly low budget film that was very competently shot and acted! For a debut it is a very solid film.


Expressway To Your SkullI enjoyed my time with Michael Okum’s film. Paul, Lindsay, Mark and Katie did wonderful jobs becoming their respective characters! There were no sticking points that annoyed. Just maybe a little more blood soaked insanity would have been great! Expressway To Your Skull is a worthy edition to the Backwoods horror subgenre though a little different to other films to its ilk.


So a big thanks to filmmaker Michael Okum for approaching Extreme Horror Cinema for this opportunity to partaking in his Backwoods Psychedelic Horror that is Expressway To Your Skull.




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