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Death-scort Service

Title: Death-Scort Service
Director: Sean Donohue
Writer(s): Chris Woods & Sean Donohue
Cast: Krystal Pixie Adams, Amethist Young, Bailey Paige, Caitlyn Dailey, Alice Reigns, Lisa Marie Kart, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Paula Tsurara, Rachael Shaw, Geneva Whitmore, Joe Makowski, Bob Glazier, Evan Stone and Joel D. Wynkoop
Genre(s): Exploitation Horror
Release Date: 2015

10394653_503150009823773_645354619300581427_nDeath-scort Service is a film I been waiting upon for quite a long while, ever since Chris Woods brought it up on Sadistic Cinema with David Manifesto and Stephen Nemeth. Then the awesome poster you can see here got released and I just knew Death-scort Service was going to be killer!


Soon the fundraising campaign arrived and more  killer visions of Death-scort Service flashing across the screen  with teasers then later trailers. You will soon read why I am kicking myself for being unable to contribute financially at the time. 


I just had to approach both Sean Donohue and Chris Woods about obtaining a screener copy to review for here, Extreme Horror Cinema. I just felt that Death-scort Service was going to be special and deserved a place here. 


Thankfully the guys didn’t disappoint, their love note to 80s slashers and Italian horror is awesome!


vlcsnap-2015-06-21-12h03m51s137Girls are going missing!

A mystery caller arranges the service of an escort then she is never heard from again!

Bloody mayhem erupts across the screen as each woman meats up with a bloody demise!

Who is this mystery sicko slasher and what is his reasoning. Disturbed pleasure in ripping apart the lives of what he sees as dirty  whores. Or, is there a deeper meaning to his rampage of slaughter? 


Death-scort Service stems from a passion for the slasher films and Italian horror of the early 1980s. Another is the exploitation aspects of these films, nudity! Thankfully the guys went fuck it and didn’t shy away from anything. Along with this the ladies were prepared to do what it took to create an awesome experience that felt authentic to it’s spiritual cinematic heritage! 


11035631_504304409708333_788410746626507372_oA host of familiar faces play across the screen and do a great job in their own ways. Bob Glazier is always awesome sleazy as fuck as a john who gets a bloody surprise and goes to return the dubious favour!


Though Death-scort Service isn’t the opus of cinema acting wise it works perfectly as what it is, a slasher / exploitation film!


I won’t go into the exact deaths you can aspect here but I will say each scene is awesome! For me I got a feel in the spirit of such early 80s films such as Maniac. Then there is this kill near the end that seriously doesn’t shy away that includes some seriously nasty penetration that is shown in full! Effects were done by Sean Donohue along with the as always awesome Marcus Koch and Shelby McIntyre. 


Death-scort Service has a certain Giallo vibe going on as well. A masked killer wearing gloves, a mystery figure going about killing for a reason you will discover with the twist at the end. We get this chase scene as well that harkens back to these films! But what really gives this vibe as well is the soundtrack skilfully created by Japanese artist Toshiyuki Hiraoka


vlcsnap-2015-06-21-12h08m51s65Death-scort Service any good?


It’s fucking great! I loved the whole experience!


I appreciated the passion for the early 80s horror with it’s influence from both slasher films and giallo. Always dig it as well when the players are not shy and exposing all that they have. Though films may not have to have full nudity but fuck it does help a lot. Not just for the voyeur aspects of seeing beautiful woman up on the big screen but because of the feel it brings to the experience! After all they are escorts and supposed to be not shy in letting it all out! Plus seeing Bob Grazier flashing it all out adds to the sleaziness of what should feel like a sleazy scene. Naturally along with all of this I loved how the kills played out and what the killer does afterwards the the pieces of his victims! 


DSS-DVD-LAYOUTDeath-scort Service belongs in my Favourite Underground films of 2015 list! What an amazing year it has been so far! So a massive thanks to it’s writer’s and director in Sean Donohue and Chris Woods for sending me the DVDr screener copy. I seriously appreciate this gesture of generosity.


But anyway love these films of the Underground get your arse over to The Sleaze Box and treat yourself to a copy today! I heard that the VHS has an extra scene it! 


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